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the central bank of Japan

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The central bank of Japan has kept its interest rate close to zero.
The central Bank of Japan said Monday that businesses confidence in the outlook for the next three months had plunged following the March 11 disaster and subsequent nuclear crisis.
Better-than-expected service sector survey data in the US sent stocks surging worldwide, adding to investor optimism after moves by the central bank of Japan to weaken the yen.
An action by the central bank of Japan, where the financial system remains relatively stable, ''would signify an important message not only to the domestic markets but also to international markets,'' he said at a press conference.
A top official of the central bank of Japan has said that the bank would ensure liquidity in the yen and in foreign currencies if needed.
Additional negative came from the price drop on the commodities due to strong growth of dollar after intervention of Central Bank of Japan.
expectations the Central Bank of Japan would intervene to sell the Yen in
The central bank of Japan has announced a cut in its growth forecast.
Separate data from the central Bank of Japan on Thursday showed wholesale prices dropped by 8.
The central bank of Japan has announced that it has injected fresh capital into the money markets.
The central bank of Japan has cut its economic growth forecast.
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