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in doing so, Arias argues for the greater inclusion of Central American literature, history and culture in discussions of Latin America, restoring agency to an entire group of people whose cultural production and diverse identities are too often ignored by popular and academic discourses in the United States.
It's not easy, to say the least, but as an associate professor of Central American studies at California State University, Northridge, Cortez attributes her academic and scholarly success partly to the fact that she had to maintain her status as a student while she awaited the lengthy documentation process.
Next to Mexican immigrants, Central Americans are the largest group of immigrants in Los Angeles," said Torres, an organizer for the March 25 Coalition, the sponsor of Tuesday's march downtown.
Trade negotiators view resolving agriculture, textiles and apparel issues -- politically sensitive sectors in all of the countries involved in the Central American Free Trade Agreement -- as critical.
President Bush had the opportunity to congratulate the five Central American Presidents on their progress towards an isthmus of peace and prosperity when he met with them in Washington in April.
The Central American problematic offers an interesting vantage point from which to view the shifts in the concept of "nation.
The Central Americans are in the center of mild coffee producers, so we have to talk, we have to cooperate about the common problems we are facing.
This programming is the result of extensive market research throughout the United States and years of experience working the Central American Television and sports rights in this country.
NORTHRIDGE -- More than 30 years after the stormy launch of ethnic-studies classes at Cal State Northridge, the campus is now embracing what could become the nation's first-ever major in Central American studies.
Central Americans are still unsure what marriage to the $10 trillion U.
According to Felipe de Jesus Preciado, head of the Mexican migration service, "the flow of Central American migrants north is a national security problem for Mexico.
The economy of Central America is roughly the size of New Haven, Connecticut, and according to World Bank estimates, some 40 percent of Central Americans earn less than $2 per day.
chief trade negotiator, tried to mollify the Central Americans by hinting that the United Slates would sweeten its deal during the subsequent rounds.
That the same year, the Border Patrol arrested 29,115 Central Americans who had illegally entered the United States from Mexico.
Mexican authorities "are clamping down on the hundreds of thousands of Central Americans crossing Mexico's southern border," reported the Times.
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