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com/778314/mexico-wants-to-stop-central-american-immigrants-from-boarding-la-bestia-train/) plans to seize a privately managed railroad system  that has funneled hundreds of thousands of Central Americans through Mexico - immigrants sneak onto the trains in Central America and ride on top of the cars into Mexico.
His artful treatment of the multiple ways in which Central Americans find themselves subalternized, whether by dominant cultures in the United States or by dominant cultures within the region itself, challenges the reader to rethink the term 'Central America' by demonstrating its multi-faceted meanings.
7) Analyzing the movement's framing of Central Americans as refugees makes it possible to identify broader political and other legacies of sanctuary activities, legacies that may not have been intended or anticipated by movement organizers.
In Los Angeles, tens of thousands of Central Americans will be affected by the decision, according to immigration rights activist William Torres.
Synopsis: Gallup World Poll data indicate a number of Central American countries are losing many skilled workers to emigration.
Zoellick announced that the Bush administration had concluded a "cutting edge" Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
WASHINGTON-As the regional trade talks between the United States and five Central American come down to the wire, apparel and textiles issues are heating up.
They represent a promise to future generations of Central Americans, a promise of enduring peace and a reorientation of national priorities to meet dire social needs.
In the case of our field, it seems clear that the massive migration of three to four million Central Americans to the U.
Mexico and Colombia later joined the Central Americans in their protest and agreed that much more research into the market impacts of the decision on the Brazilian Arabicas added to the "C" contract was needed.
Cuba has granted 1,000 medical scholarships this year and 500 annually for the next 10 years for Central Americans.
This much-anticipated addition to our Spanish-language programming lineup will provide quality programming to the more than five million Central Americans living in the U.
We're looking forward to establishing the program and being an inspiration for other programs for Central Americans and for other students,'' Cortez said.
And no one knows how much business Central Americans have lost for lack of open trade terms with the world's largest economy.
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