Central American country

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any one of the countries occupying Central America

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The Central American country bordering South America is --.
Soon after his move to a Central American country, Ron met another local man, and the two began to invite young boys to Ron's home.
The best of the best in calypso reggae and salsa in the Caribbean and South America make their way to this small Central American country on the Caribbean Sea, bordering Mexico and Guatemala.
Seventeen-year-old Julia Paolitto was packing her bags for a trip to the Central American country of El Salvador when Science World spoke with her in early March.
Will the Central American country follow the path Garcia can see to the west - where dusty pastures stretch without relief to the Pacific shore, on land that was once dry tropical forest?
corporate investment of any Central American country, Guatemala never seems to attract much attention.
Lehigh University started collaborating with Honduras MFIs when students made a week-long trip to the Central American country last summer.
Which Central American country has the highest unemployment rate?
The government of the Central American country has linked up with London-based charity Trekforce Expeditions to run the scheme for law abiding youths who face the risk of turning to crime.
Managua--This beautiful Central American country of 4.
This will be the first time that students will be going to Belize, a small Central American country in the Caribbean, known for its diving spots and dramatic Mayan ruins.
Investors have called the Central American country a golden opportunity, with a stable economy and skyrocketing real estate market.
A hurricane-strike symbol sits right over the middle of which Central American country shown?
No Central American country needs an image makeover as badly as Nicaragua.
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