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As they funnel down through Mexico and the narrow waist of the Central American isthmus, the birds are compressed into spaces much smaller than their breeding area.
For centuries, their governments dreamed of a waterway of their own across the Central American isthmus and of the prosperity and power that so busy and vital a trade route would surely bestow on them.
It comprises what is one of the world's biggest individual landmasses - the South American continent - reaching from Mexico and the Central American isthmus across to part of the tropical Southern Caribbean, down several thousand miles to Cape Horn in the South Atlantic Ocean.
Belize was susceptible to the transshipment of illegal drugs due to its position along the Central American isthmus between the United States, Mexico, and the drug-producing countries of South America.
On the southern tip of the Central American isthmus, Panama has set up temperature-reading equipment.
Belize is vulnerable to the transshipment of illicit drugs due to its position along the Central American isthmus between the South American drug producing countries and Mexico.
This forest is also an important part of the biotic corridor through the Central American isthmus, where a number of notable mammals can be found, such as the endangered black howler monkey (Alouatta pigra) and the Central American spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi).
Located on the Pacific coast of the Central American isthmus, El Salvador has one of the largest and most developed banking systems in Central America.
Unionized workers responded by calling a 48-hour strike starting July 2 in Bocas del Toro, the western Panamanian province that borders Costa Rica on the Caribbean side of the Central American isthmus.
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