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The Central American countries will increase exports of items such as tropical fruits, coffee and sugar, and Korean consumers will benefit from lower prices.
Net immigration, legal or otherwise, has been effectively zero for the past few years, but many of the Central American migrants in Mexico aim to make it to the United States.
We have a strong track record of partnership with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration and look forward to continuing this cooperation to benefit investment in the region.
The three chapters of "The Outcasts of Global Citizenship," the work's first section, explore how Central American authors have framed and continue to frame Central American identity in light of the region's complex history.
Colombian banking conglomerate Grupo Aval (COL: GRUPOAVAL) has said that it will buy Central American banking firm BAC-Credomatic for USD1.
Central American coffee wins denomination of origin (Adds Central America reaction, paragraphs 5-6, 13-16)A
Today the world of Central American literature is known by only a handful of names, such as Ruben Dario; Miguel Angel Asturias, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1967; Sergio Ramirez; Dante Liano; Ernesto Cardenal; Augusto Monterroso; and Claribel Alegria, the nineteenth recipient of World Literature Today's Neustadt International Prize for Literature (see WLT, May 2007, 27-49).
It is perhaps obvious that a movement that was dedicated to securing political asylum for Central American asylum seekers and that (in at least some quarters) opposed US military intervention in Central American was transnational.
She is the program coordinator of CSUN'S baccalaureate program in Central American studies, the first in the United States, and an associate professor at CSUN.
Synopsis: Gallup World Poll data indicate a number of Central American countries are losing many skilled workers to emigration.
citizen was extradited to that Central American country.
In 2002 he initiated talks with Australia, Chile, Singapore, and five Central American countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua).
A free trade deal between the United States and several Central American countries, as well as the Dominican Republic, known as Cafta, will help Honduras cement its grip on good economic results.
Mayan Equinox by novelist Keith Jones is the deftly crafted story of Russel Palmer, a Los Angeles-based professor whose field of study specialized in Central American Civilizations, and his pursuit to end the murders and human sacrifices based on Mayan calendars.
CAFTA would create a free-trade area between the United States, the Dominican Republic, and five Central American countries--Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua: Its supporters say it would make more than 80% of U.
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