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Free-trade debates on the streets of Central Americas capitals sound like tales of the chupacabra, the mysterious, dog-like beast that can fly and drains livestock of their blood, wreaking financial havoc on pour campesinos.
ICE, the largest over-the-top (OTT) operator in Central America and the number one retail ISP in Central America and the Caribbean (Dyn IP Transit Intelligence Jan 2018), is experiencing growing demand for broadband services.
The city acts a gateway to Central America travel, and it is a fun destination itself.
I also found evidence to suggest that Cyclospora might be the responsible organism in contaminated drinking water in Central America (4).
The five countries of Central America with a shoreline on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea: --
People you hardly know touch you in other countries all the time and you see men walking arm in arm in Central America and Europe.
Currently, CAFTA contains no provisions to compel Central America to meet America's labor and environmental standards, or to adopt a set of basic standards.
The Bush administration and its pro-CAFTA allies habitually refer to the pact as a means of promoting economic "development" and building "democratic institutions" in Central America.
We consider that this action does not reflect a complete opinion of the Anglican Church in Central America, and in particular the Episcopal Church of Guatemala," said the statement.
I would like to address the relationship between the process of integration in Central America and the security framework and structures in the Central America region.
The vast majority of immigrants were born in Central America or Mexico (87%) and were Hispanic (87%); in contrast, most U.
They reached a horrific peak in the early 1980s when the Reagan administration chased its own ghosts in Central America.
Peace groups in the United States opposed the military exercises in Central America less quietly, from the early 1980s up through the recent start-ups of Fuertes Caminos in Guatemala and E1 Salvador.
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