Central African Republic

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a landlocked country in central Africa

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The members of the Security Council expressed concern at the ongoing clashes between armed groups in the Central African Republic and the attacks against civilians, in particular those perpetrated on a communal basis, United Nations peacekeepers and humanitarian workers, as well as incitement to ethnic and religious hatred and violence, which continue to destabilize the country and cause heavy civilian casualties and significant population displacements despite agreement by parties to the conflict to an immediate cessation of hostilities.
The secretary-general reiterated the determination of the UN peacekeeping mission "to protect civilians and contribute to the stabilization of the Central African Republic," the spokesman said.
In July 2017, in a meeting with the Central African Republic (CAR) Prime Minister Simplice Sarandji, Sudanese businessmen union offered to finance the CAR free trade zone in Port Sudan so that goods can be imported or exported for the neighbouring county without difficulties.
It will allow customers of Orange Central African Republic to enjoy unparalleled availability and speed of internet services, never experienced before in the country.
The French military, which launched a mission in Central African Republic in December 2013, has managed to restore some security to Bangui and other urban cities in the south.
Human rights groups have said that LRA rebels are active in the Central African Republic and have kidnapped more than 200 people just this year, a quarter of them children.
Central African Republic: Political Uncertainty to Hinder Short-term Growth" provides an executive-level overview of the telecommunications market in the Central African Republic today, with detailed forecasts of key indicators up to 2020.
Jeffrey Hawkins is the United States Ambassador to the Central African Republic.
This report provides you with valuable data for the personal accident and health insurance industry covering investments in Central African Republic .
New York -- A UN peacekeeper from Pakistan was killed in the Central African Republic during a flareup of violence engulfing the capital of Bangui after months of relative calm.
28 (BNA)-- Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud received today two letters from Presidents of Somalia and Central African Republic Hassan Shaikh Mahmoud and Catherine Samba-Panza.
The European Union decided on Monday to send troops to help stabilise Central African Republic, deploying its first major army operation in six years, but the force will be smaller than originally expected at around 500-strong.
BANGUI (TAP) - The United Nations Security Council is expected to vote, on Thursday, on whether to expand peacekeeping force for the Central African Republic.
The exodus of tens of thousands of Muslims from Central African Republic amounts to "ethnic cleansing", Amnesty International has said, warning that the sectarian bloodshed now under way despite the presence of thousands of peacekeepers is a "tragedy of historic proportions".
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