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a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered


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Drawn from a population of fewer than five million people, 60,000 Australian soldiers died during World War I, which ended on November 11, 1918; DUTY: Three of the last surviving veterans of the First World War, from left, Henry Allingham, 112, Harry Patch, 110, and Bill Stone, 108, at the Armistice Day Commemoration Ceremony at the Centotaph in Whitehall, London; MEMORIES: A former soldier studies a Remembrance Day cross in Edinburgh's Garden of Remembrance; RESPECT: Two girls pause in a field of poppies planted by teams from the British Legion near the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium
This linguistic disaster occurs when the leaders of Nollop, a mythical island nation off the South Carolina coast, interpret the fall of lettered tiles from a centotaph honoring the creator of The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog as a message from beyond the grave to suppress those letters in all discourse.
Raymond Bradley, spokesman for the Royal British Legion, said: "It is disgusting these people should be allowed to get close enough to the Centotaph to attack it.
25am to an open-air service at the town's centotaph.