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Cruz's win in the Centennial State brought him within 200 delegates of Trump overall.
It will be one of four stops in the Centennial State, with Grand Junction, Pueblo and Colorado Springs also on his itinerary.
Colorado s spirit of innovation and strong manufacturing sector are helping to drive our economy forward, and it s my privilege to welcome EXTRA Aircraft to the Centennial State and the Western Slope.
Colorado on the eve of statehood; an edited business directory of the pioneers who built the Centennial State.
Colorado, the Centennial State, hosted only one National Nominating Convention in 1908.
Nickname: Centennial State 38th state to enter the Union on August 1, 1876
though I hope he'll be more careful checking out the government contractors than he was with the ones who worked on his house in the Centennial State a few years ago.
But if you think that the Centennial State ranks numero uno in trophy-class elk, you're mistaken.
The Forces of Change program at the Smithsonian Museum will have at its skeleton the Soil Survey Centennial state soil monoliths.
According to the Post, the recent incident is the first-ever known instance of rabies in a bobcat in the Centennial State.
Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) is an agency that distributes up to $46 million of the Colorado Lottery- and Powerball-generated funds in the Centennial State, and it plans to channel more of that money into benefiting outdoor sportsmen.
And the Centennial State isnAaAeAeAEt an outlier in this tren Oregon and Washington State, which have also legalized the drug, each rank in the top six states nationwide for past-month marijuana use by adolescents.
The Colorado Wireless Association (COWA) is a non-profit professional association dedicated to being the voice of the wireless industry in the Centennial State.
Cruz won all six delegates that were up for grabs in two congressional district conventions in the Centennial State, according to local media reports.
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