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Synonyms for centennial

the 100th anniversary (or the celebration of it)

of or relating to or completing a period of 100 years


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To prevent its demolition, the Manitoba Historical Society purchased the property in 1970 and rehabilitated the house, opening it as a museum in 1974 to celebrate Winnipeg's centennary.
THE PHOTOGRAPHS in another centennary book, Balanchine: Celebrating a Life in Dance, provide illustrations of Balanchine's potentially evanescent grandeur.
in Proceedins of the Lanczos Centennary Conference, Philadelphia, 1994, SIAM, pp.
Anthony O'Hear, Wittgenstein and the Transmission of Traditions, in WITTGENSTEIN CENTENNARY ESSAYS 41, 47 (1991).
As one would expect, the Lumiere films occupied the pride of place in French celebrations of the centennary of the movies as French2 television broadcast one Lumiere film with commentary each day during 1995.
Also as part of its compliance, the DAR told the court that it had engaged an accounting firm to audit the books of the hacienda and its Centennary Holdings Inc.
Some 8,000 spectators flocked Saturday to an air show staged by the Bulgarian Air Force on occasion on its centennary.
The event features live entertainment and activities from September 8 to 10, with a main stage in Centennary Square hosting open-air concerts during the weekend.
Fortuitously, 1998 is the centennary of George Gershwin, and the Gershwin family has designated Community Concerts to coordinate a two-year celebration.