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Synonyms for centennial

the 100th anniversary (or the celebration of it)

of or relating to or completing a period of 100 years


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Japanese Crown Prince Akihito's month-long tour of the United States proved to be another important element of the Perry Centenial Celebration.
Curnow 'Emily Australie Heron' Centenial Magazine Vol.
Contact (M) Centenial Hall ($54; 2,516; $924,864) (1/20/03-1/27/03).
The Sirk centenial was also the occasion for the international conference on Sirk at which many of the papers here gathered were first presented.
Two other area wrestlers fell in the second day of competition - Rey Torresof Royal, who lost 12-6 to Bill Teed of Centenial at 150 pounds, and Jacob Waasdorp of Quartz Hill, beaten 4-2 in overtime by David Neal of San Diego at 215 pounds.
Described as "a showplace school," "an attractive technological masterpiece," and "the culmination of the dreams, plans and visions of hundreds of people," Centenial High School in Corona, Calif.
According to Centenial, the movement of cases is simplified through the use of Nylotrack.
In this, the centenial year of the National Forest System, that remains the enduring challenge.
6 Charsadda Naangial Tariq 36206 GCMHS Turangzai Charsadda Government Shaheed Naangial Tariq Centenial Model High School Turangzai Charsadda.
2 billion in new business and acquired three companies: Kaleva Travel, Centenial Group and Net Tours.
During the quarter, the Company announced strategic partnerships with Centenial Technologies, VisionTek and Trigem of Korea to promote its MPEG Explorer chipset to be used with Zoomed Video enabled notebook computers.
The drilling program was designed to improve drill density within portions of the centenial pit design area that are currently carried as waste.