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Synonyms for census

a periodic count of the population

conduct a census

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5 12 anos y mas -- -- Situacion censual Urbana 37 94.
O censual do Cabido de Tui para a Terra da Vinha--1321, in Relacoes entre Portugal e Castela nos finais da Idade Media, Lisboa, FCG-JNICT
The drafting of the censual items referring to family burdens and domestic responsibilities allows dichotomization (with/without) of the information about these variables and also qualification of the number of people being cared for or the exclusive, shared, or delegate nature of such responsibilities.
No especifica la extensa carta censual si dicho pescado era de procedencia maritima o por el contrario provenia de los rios cercanos, Henares o Jarama.
noted that the duration and chronology of the survey is hard to calculate, and that the organizers may have made use of pre-Kleisthenic censual and cadastral surveys.