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a member of a European people who once occupied Britain and Spain and Gaul prior to Roman times


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The nail-biting triumph came one week after the Celts suffered a heartbreaking 38-35 defeat on the game's final play against Canyon of Canyon Country.
The final match of the group stage then became the crucial one, with the Celts pitted against 2011 league champions Sharjah Wanderers.
This alone was an incredible achievement given that the Celts are a relatively new club and this was only their second season in the second division.
With the score tied at 35, the Celts got a break when an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Canyon gave them a first down past midfield with three minutes remaining.
The Celts regrouped and came out strong for the second half, when goals from Alan Burke and Martin Scannell turned the tide before further scores from Terry Kehoe and Joe Melia cemented the victory.
The Bombers came out fighting in the third period and had put another four points on the board before the Celts could respond - but they did respond with some amazing offensive combinations.
Centennial is a hell of a football team,'' Celts coach Jerimiah Ross said.
A rare luxury for the Celts side sees them able to select the same forward line for the third successive tournament, with Martin Scannell, recently returned after a three-point contribution to Duagh's 9-6 win over Beale in the North Kerry Senior Championship decider, once again teaming up with Denis Evans, Alan Burke and the roving Pete Liebrich.
However, it was the Celts who further reduced the deficit through Lee Bridgeman, who superbly curled a shot just in under the bar when it looked to be going over.
The Celts had come out fighting and took the third period by storm, winning 15-9.
This victory was exactly what the Celts needed, coming back strong after last week's embarrassment and taking themselves to first in the table.
The Wrexham-based Celts have a number of threats, most notably Ben Lewis and Neil Williams.
Inconsistency troubled the Celts during nonleague play.
When the Romans arrived in Britain, they never described the people as Celts.
THE Arabian Celts Gaelic Football Club teams will this morning touch down in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur for the annual Asian Gaelic Games.