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a branch of the Indo-European languages that (judging from inscriptions and place names) was spread widely over Europe in the pre-Christian era

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From this time onwards the definition of a Celt in both the ancient and contemporary worlds was defined as someone speaking a Celtic language.
Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages: Questions of Shared Language is a three-year project in collaboration with Oxford and Bangor universities which will bring together linguists and archaeologists to reconsider the geographical origins of the Celtic languages, questioning the received wisdom that they spread from central Europe, and assessing the alternative theory that they evolved in the regions where they still survive along the Atlantic seaboard, perhaps the product of networks of long-distance exchange associated with metalworking technologies.
Other birthdays: Celtic language authority Geraint Gruffydd, 73; former Northern Ireland minister Michael Mates, 67; advertising executive Charles Saatchi, 58; Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick Symons, 68; actor David Troughton, 51; Gallaher chairman and chief executive Peter Wilson, 60.
But new evidence suggests there was more than one Celtic language in what is now modern day Spain, and it remains a mystery as to how and when the Celts arrived there.
Among the studies is whether Tartessos, spoken anciently in southwestern Iberia, was a Celtic language.
Birthdays: Actor Tony Britton, 76; Celtic language authority Geraint Gruffydd, 72; former Northern Ireland minister Michael Mates, 66; advertising executive Charles Saatchi, 57; Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick Symons, 67; actor David Troughton, 50; Gallaher chairman and chief executive Peter Wilson, 59.
We share a Celtic language, albeit with Wales using theirs rather more than the Scots, two parliaments that excel at discussing things that people might care about if it was happening to them but not otherwise, like the regulation of sump pumps, and the plethora of success-rich divas like Dame Shirley Bassey in Wales and - er - Lulu in Scotland.
If Tartessian is Celtic, he points out; it will have been the first attested Celtic language by a century or more.
Birthdays: Actor Tony Britton, 75; Celtic language authority Geraint Gruffydd, 71; former Northern Ireland minister Michael Mates, 65; advertising executive Charles Saatchi, 56; actor David Troughton, 49.
The work of my colleague Professor John Koch on the Tartessian inscriptions of about 750-400 BC from the Iberian Peninsula has provoked controversy among Celtic philologists, but his paper at this Congress won new converts and there are signs of gradual acceptance that Tartessian is indeed the earliest attested Celtic language.
The Welsh National Eisteddfod has come to the village of Pencoed in a corner of the principality where the ancient Celtic language it promotes is seldom heard in daily life.
Coming to Wales from Northern Ireland via 10 years in Scotland, I've seen my share of Celtic language television - the Irish language TG4 and the Scottish Gaelic BBC Alba were my introduction to the languages of these islands, and now, as a fully fledged Cardiff resident, I've been exposed to the Welsh language for three years.
Birthdays: Celtic language authority Geraint Gruffydd, 70; former Northern Ireland minister Michael Mates, 64; advertising executive Charles Saatchi, 55; Vice-Admiral Sir Patrick Symons, 65; actor David Troughton, 48.
Dr Dylan Foster Evans of Cardiff University's Welsh department said it was significant the language had been included, particularly as no other Celtic language had been.
Open to any performer singing in a Celtic language, the winners of the public and jury votes go through to the pan-European song competition Liet Lavlut - a lesser-used language equivalent of the Eurovision Song Contest that this year takes place in Sweden in October.