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a Latin cross with a ring surrounding the intersection

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Alternatively, enjoy life in the slow lane on the mountain railway or explore the island's Celtic crosses and ancient burial grounds.
Yet it has plenty for the architecturally-minded traveller - standing stones, celtic crosses, castles .
Inspirational pieces, such as a Nativity set, creche, traditional and Celtic crosses and a sculpture portraying the Holy Family, are also part of the collection.
In tribute to the Irish contribution to America, NMCAH hosted a special tribute to Saint Patrick, including an exhibition of icons with the image of the Saint; preaching stoles; enlarged images of "The Confession of the Book of Armagh" and a display of Celtic Crosses.
He shone in a dark gold silk cope, stole and mitre with Celtic crosses in the weave and braiding especially designed for him for the ceremony by a Welsh artisan.
Everything is made in Wales, from the bilingually-labelled box to the hand-made chocolates inside which all have a Welsh heritage theme, from dragons and daffodils to Three Feathers and Celtic crosses, and even a little Welsh hat.
A photo gallery shows Celtic crosses, wooden angles, Buddhist-style urns and other monolith monuments found at the cemetery.
They had objections to Maltese crosses and Celtic crosses, but we're in the Bible-belt South, so that's just not going to happen here.
Since the fifth century, monks and nuns have been buried here, next to the ruins of two churches, a round tower and three massive Celtic crosses.