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Synonyms for Celtic

a branch of the Indo-European languages that (judging from inscriptions and place names) was spread widely over Europe in the pre-Christian era

relating to or characteristic of the Celts


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RANGERS 1 CELTIC 1 GORDON PARKS IT'LL be close but no cigar for Rangers against a Celtic side that continues to have a significant edge when it comes to quality.
Celtic Dragons players: Suzy Drane (centre/ wing-attack, Llantrisant); Cara Lea Moseley (goal-attack/wing-attack/goal-shooter, Cardiff Met); Steph Williams (goal-defence/wingdefence, Central); Nia Jones (wing-attack/ goal-defence/Cardiff Met); Cathy Bastian (centre/wing-attack/wing-defence, Dinas); Bethan Dyke (wing-attack/centre, Cardiff Met); Sara Bell (goal-attack, Central); Lateisha Kidner (goal-keeper/goal-defence, Llantrisant); Carly Lewis (wing-defence, centre, Cardiff Met); Chelsea Lewis (goal-shooter/goalattack, Hucclecote); Stephanie Myddelton (goal-defence/wing-defence/goalkeeper, Hucclecote); Nichola James (wing-defence/ centre, Central); Sophie Morgan (wing-attack/centre, Chester); Emma Thomas (goalattack, Dinas); Kelly Morgan (goal-keeper, Cowbridge).
Beginning at 9 tonight at the Staples Center, the Celtics and Lakers, the two winningest franchises in league history, will meet again in the NBA Finals.
After guitarist/vocalist Fischer and bassist Martin Eric Ain reunited in 1999 and 2000 to work on reissues of the Celtic Frost catalog, they pondered the concept of making a new album, which began in 2001.
People also think about the Celtic crosses, and about the whole pagan druid thing.
Johnny Beckman, the Celtic captain, called time out and informed his teammates that the standing guard was getting in the way of their passes and that they had to do something about him.
As we move through Lent, I suggest that Celtic spirituality can be a superb catalyst for renewing and strengthening our relationship with God.
In recent years, apartment sales at Celtic Park had virtually come to a halt," Braverman explained, "because lenders were not willing to make end loans to potential apartment buyers until the existing building mortgage had been extended.
CELTIC 2, RANGERS 0 GAVIN BERRY WITH the former youth team boss in charge and an injury crisis, the 9-1 on offer for an away win almost looks skinny.
The decision stood despite a Reds defender standing on the line and Celtic were denied their first-ever European final appearance.
When festival organisers decided to introduce Celtic competitions this year, some people may have feared this would confine eligibility to a handful of countries on the western fringe of Europe.
02 Rangers 1 Celtic 1 (SPL): Numan delays Celtic's title party.
FORMER Celtic hero John Hartson last night roared out a Champions League challenge to the cream of Europe: "Bring Chelsea on, bring them all on.
I thought that before I was shown the door at Celtic Supporters Association Social Club on Friday afternoon.