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a member of a European people who once occupied Britain and Spain and Gaul prior to Roman times


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Roman sources, including the reliable Polybius agree that the Celts had slashing swords, whereas the Roman legionary thrust with a short sword, but Celtic swords have been found both with cutting edges and points.
Personally, I am perfectly happy that there was some group in the past who were labelled Celts, that we all have multiple identities which can vary according to context, or as seen from within or without; indeed, I have described in print how I view my own ethnicity (Collis 1995: 176-7).
Hours later Celt arrived by taxi sitting on the knee of his temporary carers.
The Police gave the Celts an early advantage in the shoot-out, as they missed their first penalty.
Since they believed that spirits of the recently deceased were most likely to emerge and cause trouble among the living, such as possessing people and ruining crops, many Celts would leave offerings of food and drink to the spirits, to either aid them to the afterlife, or ward them way.
The Celts came back with what proved to be merely a consolation effort.
Since the Celtic languages were only identified and named as such by Edward Lhuyd in the 17th century, it seems unlikely the inhabitants of early Britain would have called themselves Celts, who spoke a Celtic language.
The Teessiders began at a rapid pace going into an 11 points to nil lead with points from Attah, Nicholson and N'doye as the Celts failed to convert from any of their attacks.
In a typically fierce battle between Mission League rivals Crespi and Notre Dame, freshman Blake Stanton banked in a 3-pointer from the top of the key at the buzzer to give the host Celts a 62-61 victory Monday night.
Sykes looks to modern DNA evidence to sort the genetic legacies of the Vikings, Romans, Saxons, Celts, and other groups.
How the Celts came to Britain; Druids, ancient skulls and the birth of archaeology.
A new book by an Oxford University professor claims that the Celts are indeed different from their old rivals, the English.
The Celts believed that God permeated every part of their life, and they sensed this presence everywhere.
THE Arabian Celts hurlers very nearly got off to the perfect start in the first round of the inaugural Middle East League in Oman over the weekend but in the end, had to make do with runners-up spot to a strong Dubai Celts outfit.