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Swedish astronomer who devised the centigrade thermometer (1701-1744)

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4GHz active RFID reader combines an impressive long range with a rugged design suitable for harsh industrial applications and survival in application temperatures up to 70 Celsius degree.
5 percent per Celsius degree as the temperature increases.
A tissue's resistance decreases 2 percent for every Celsius degree of increase in its temperature, so the new technique may be useful as a remote thermometer in certain cancer treatments, Newell adds.
This RFID tag for animals can operate over temperatures from -25 Celsius degree to 55 Celsius degree, which well adapts it to any practical environment.
He told Petra in an interview that temperatures in Amman will reach the daytime highs of 33-35 Celsius degrees in the next three days and register 36-37 degrees Thursday.
Damascus, SANA- The temperature will remain lower than average by 7 to 9 Celsius degrees as the country is being affected by a superficial high pressure accompanied by northwestern air currents in all layers of the atmosphere.
A report by the department said temperature degrees in Makkah were 32 Celsius, with northern winds speed at 4km/h while temperature in Mina amounted to 31 Celsius degrees and the western winds blowing at 8 km/h.
Capacitance change is limited to +/-30 ppm/Celsius degrees from -55 Celsius degrees to +125 Celsius degrees.
The temperature is likely to be between 20 and 24 Celsius degrees (68 to 75 Fahrenheit)," Anatoly Prokopenko, deputy head of Ukraine's State Weather Forecast Centre, told Reuters.
We know that global accelerating trends of climate change pose existential risks to us all and that global temperature increase of more than 2 Celsius degrees will lead to irreversible consequences.
rising as high as 50 Celsius degrees in some parts of the country such as
The temperature in the eastern province of Erzurum dropped to -20 Celsius degrees on Monday night.
At such high pressures the temperature drop upon depressurization can increase from some 30 Celsius degrees in a standard line, to more like 80 Celsius degrees.
According to asetek, it selected phase-change cooling, which reaches CPU surroundings close to -33 Celsius degrees under load.