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Swedish astronomer who devised the centigrade thermometer (1701-1744)

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The parents were demanding extension in the winter vacations as the biting cold spell is raging in the federal capital wherein the temperature has dropped to minus 4 Celsius degree forcing the inmates to stay indoors.
Besides, it can sustain temperature down to -40 Celsius degree and up to +90 Celsius degree.
Earth's average temperature has risen by about two-thirds of a Celsius degree in the past century.
The Filipino punchers arrived here over the weekend and was met with 40-plus Celsius degree weather, unheard of even during the cruelest summer months back home.
ISLAMABAD -- The resulting warming of the earth could cause the sea level to rise by more than two metres for each additional celsius degree of warmth, an international research team in Innsbruck, Austria, said on Tuesday.
4GHz active RFID reader combines an impressive long range with a rugged design suitable for harsh industrial applications and survival in application temperatures up to 70 Celsius degree.
A tissue's resistance decreases 2 percent for every Celsius degree of increase in its temperature, so the new technique may be useful as a remote thermometer in certain cancer treatments, Newell adds.
Temperature is anticipated to rise on Friday, approaching about 4 Celsius degree above seasonal average accompanied by partially cloudy to clear and pleasant skies.
This RFID tag for animals can operate over temperatures from -25 Celsius degree to 55 Celsius degree, which well adapts it to any practical environment.
RAMALLAH, March 7, 2016 (WAFA)- Weather on Monday is partly cloudy to clear and sunny, and temperature is anticipated to significantly rise, approaching about 5 Celsius degree above the seasonal average, said Palestine Meteorological Department.
RAMALLAH, November 19, 2015 (WAFA) Weather on Thursday is partly cloudy and temperature is anticipated to slightly rise ranging between a maximum average of 19 Celsius degree and a minimum average of 12 Celsius degree, said the Palestine Meteorological Department.
No significant change is expected in temperatures which remain about 11 Celsius degrees ( AC) above the seasonal average.
2 Celsius degrees observed in Istanbul on June 29 was recorded for the first time in 106 years.
Lahore will reel under the sweltering temperature of 45 Celsius degrees centigrade.
The Paris Agreement is aimed at holding the global temperature rise to well below 2 Celsius degrees above pre-industrial levels and to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.