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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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Takao Kishida, General Manager of Toshiba's Mobile Communications Division stated, "Over the last 15 years Audiovox has proven their ability to be a major force in the supply of cellular telephones by marketing nearly 10 million Toshiba made cellular telephones to the wireless industry-first with analog and now with digital CDMA.
Because of recent allegations, researchers are now revising the current EMR standards, but until more conclusive reports concerning the dangers of cellular telephones, it pays to play it safe," says James Plante, president of Dynaspek.
With the rapidly expanding Internet, the ever increasing use of cellular telephones, and other wireless communications devices, we have been finding new ways to bring SatCon's technologies into use in these new and exciting markets.
Paulson added, "Our gain in distribution has confirmed Technophone as a leading brand of cellular telephones in the U.
First introduced in February 1996, Conexant's family of GaAs power amplifiers target a variety of digital cellular telephone applications including Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) phones; standard single-mode CDMA and TDMA (IS-36) phones; dual-mode cellular CDMA/Advanced Mobile Phone Systems (AMPS) phones; and dual-band, triple-mode phones that operate on Cellular CDMA, PCS CDMA and AMPS networks.
Motorola is the worldwide leader for cellular telephones, systems and services in use around the world.
Park & Talk is a desktop unit that turns the user's portable cellular telephone or PCS handset into a hands-free speakerphone unit.
Spectrum will also receive a royalty on software drivers which will allow Megahertz customers to use the same modems with future models of cellular telephones and with other emerging types of mobile telephone networks.
NYSE: TFS) today announced that it has won a multi-million dollar production order for liquid crystal display (LCD) modules to be used in a newly designed, digital cellular telephone application.
Cloning cellular telephones involves a violation of the federal law making it a crime to produce, use or traffic in "counterfeit access devices" -- that is devices that can be used to access goods or services, without paying for them.
The first product, "Freedom", is a completely portable handsfree adaptor for Motorola(TM) cellular telephones.
Next, information surfaced linking the gang to the illegal "cloning" of cellular telephones.
A team of well-known computer security experts has cracked a key part of the electronic code meant to protect the privacy of calls made with the new, digital generation of cellular telephones.
I thought that the most striking observation was that hands-free cellular telephones offered no large safety advantage, suggesting that the major factor in a motor vehicle collision was not limited manual dexterity, but the driver's limited attention," Redelmeier says.
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