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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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As the case evolved, task force officers employed several surveillance techniques, especially a federal communications wiretap order on the main cellular telephone used by the New Breed.
However, this form of radio suffers from two of the problems that cellular telephones have: It is line-of-sight and often cannot be used in rural areas because of the distance between radio operators.
Over one-third of potential owners of cellular telephones surveyed indicated that one important reason they have for not buying a cellular phone is that they simply do not know enough about the product.
Students will select standard cellular telephones first for security and safety
All cellular telephone and PCS carriers will be required to provide nationwide roaming service by June 1999.
In addition to community watch groups, crime victims and witnesses, elderly people in isolated areas and residents of areas plagued by hate crimes are eligible to apply for a cellular telephone.
Arrista's breakthrough cellular signal boosting technologies especially enhance the performance of cradle-mounted cellular telephones in automobiles, resulting in wider coverage, less signal fading due to buildings in urban environments, and increased coverage when used in rural areas.
Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, the privately held company is the only Federal Communications Commission authorized provider of airborne cellular telephones and telephony services.
Cellular telephones emit EMR and recent clinical and laboratory studies have shown that EMR can cause dangerous health conditions including dizziness, nausea, headaches, immune system breakdown and even eye and brain cancer.
The Agreement provides the Company ( with the world-wide rights to a fuel cell technology developed by Aluminum-Power ( for use in portable consumer electronics, such as cellular telephones, laptop computers, hand-held devices and other electronic products.
This feature is used for cloning prevention in cellular telephones and other similar applications, which require secure storage of information.
The Company also announced that it has received the first significant order for the new SPI products for applications in GSM cellular telephones.
Nasdaq:CMRO) and its subsidiary Comarco Wireless Technologies, Thursday announced that it has received an order from Targus Group International "Targus" for more than $10 million of ChargeSource(R) 70 watt universal power adapters for notebook computers, cellular telephones, handheld and palm devices and other portable products.
A single ChargeSource AC adapter powers and charges most cellular telephones, notebook computers, handheld personal organizers and portable printers.
Although sales of communications equipment to network operators suffered, healthy sales of personal computers and cellular telephones, as well as solid sales of semiconductors and color LCDs contributed to the growth of NEC's net sales.
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