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a process occurring in living organisms

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For example, cellular respiration is critical for many cellular processes, but those other processes do not shut down in tandem if respiration is blocked.
In a series of experiments at the University at Buffalo, the gene kicked into action dormant cellular processes that are key to preventing weak bones, clogged arteries and other telltale signs of growing old.
Information derived from this seminal project has led to development of optimized media as well as the identification of key cellular processes for genomic modulation.
Expert contributors explain the theoretical basis behind systems biology methods such as the analysis of biomolecular systems, spatial analysis and control of cellular processes and methods for larger-scale systems analysis.
The SIRT1 gene, which regulates several important cellular processes including nutrient use and metabolism, appears to contribute to the development of cisplatin resistance by reducing the uptake and use of glucose by cells and by altering the function of their mitochondria, which are cellular structures that produce most of the energy in cells.
The Phospho-STAT3 marker that translocates to the cell nucleus upon activation plays a key role in many cellular processes such as cell growth and apoptosis.
Maintaining appropriate levels of hydration happens through osmosis, the simplest of cellular processes.
The spread of cancer to bones often leads to cellular processes that physically break down existing bone, leading to further pain and illness.
Recent research has suggested that cells and some pathogens use microRNAs to control a variety of cellular processes.
The PM gives a global view of cellular processes by detecting how gene changes alter one or many biological properties of cells.
Combining confocal and TIRF imaging in one system provides more comprehensive information about cellular processes by producing very clear images throughout the entire sample.
Cellular processes and the complexities of stable-isotopic composition are reviewed.
2) These genes control a variety of cellular processes, including proliferation and immortalization.
Gene regulatory proteins control gene expression in developmental and cellular processes of many organisms.
In writing Cells, Embryos, and Evolution, John Gerhart and Marc Kirschner have tackled a huge, vital, and virtually unexplored topic: how the machinery of cellular processes has influenced the course of morphological evolution.
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