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a process occurring in living organisms

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Like other viruses, HSV-1 is known to manipulate cellular processes in order to infect cells, but the specific mechanisms by which it acts on the DNA repair pathway were previously unknown.
We need to understand at the biochemical level exactly what these proteins do and how they take over natural cellular processes.
2) These genes control a variety of cellular processes, including proliferation and immortalization.
Gene regulatory proteins control gene expression in developmental and cellular processes of many organisms.
Overall, this general textbook, a tribute to molecular and cellular biology, presents very logically the basic information needed to understand the most fundamental of cellular processes.
Those with a known function are involved in a broad spectrum of cellular processes including receptor signalling, vesicle trafficking, transcription, apoptosis, cross-nuclear membrane transport, meiosis, DNA damage repair, ubiquitination and RNA processing.
They also have the advantage of monitoring changes in cellular processes while most high-resolution techniques like electron microscopy only provide images of cellular processes frozen at one moment.
Actin, in this case a kind of scaffold-builder needed to form root hairs and pollen tubes, forms filamentous polymers and is important for many cellular processes in species ranging from yeast to man.
Several chapters are devoted to hypoxis-induced factor and its influence in hypoxic remodeling of numerous cellular processes.
the world's largest scientific society, has begun the publication of "ACS Chemical biology," a new monthly journal designed to be a forum for biologists and chemists working together to understand cellular processes.
These applications could use the newly available genetic and genomic data and reagents, and/or new methodologies to characterize and study genes involved in developmental events and in cellular processes.
The NKI has extensive expertise in developing assays to study the cellular processes that are deregulated in cancer.
If these entropic or depletion forces are playing a role in cellular processes, then there is potential application in the field of drug delivery," he says.
Using RNAi, researchers are able to simply turn genes on and off and observe what happens, thereby gaining insights into how genes participate in cellular processes.
Editorial includes information on chemical biology including chemical genetics and protein engineering, systems biology, proteomics and genomics, cellular processes and metabolism, including bioenergetics and energy transfer.
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