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a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell

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The breakthrough in the study of PTEN function came from the realization that PTEN's main substrate was a component of the lipid cellular membrane PIP3, originally reported by Maehama and Dixon (2).
Thus, even small stimuli, such as changes in pH, ion environment, or binding of a molecule to a protein receptor, can lead to profound changes in the composition, function, and integrity of the cellular membrane.
According to Technion Professors Eitan Kimmel's model, when the ultrasonic waves encounter a cell, the two layers of the cellular membrane begin to vibrate.
Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the world population Citicoline is an exogenous form of cytidine 5\'- diphosphatecholine, an important component of the cellular membrane, is a medication believed to have combined neurovascular protection and repair effects.
11,18) These dead cells also displays necrotic features including loss of cellular membrane integrity and cell swelling.
Thus LRT can be used to restore mitochondrial and other cellular membrane functions via delivery of undamaged replacement lipids to cellular organelles.
The cellular membrane sodium potassium ATPase mediated synthesis of ATP in response to sunlight, electromagnetic fields and endogenous digoxin induced sodium potassium ATPase inhibition can serve as a non mitochondrial source of ATP for the purpose of cellular metabolism.
Applying laser irradiation, we can use the nanoparticles either to destroy endothelial cells, as a measure to cut the blood supply to tumours, or to deliberately open up the cellular membrane in order to deliver a drug efficiently.
2Bio Ltd, Liverpool, UK - Technology Validation and Market report on the patented artificial cellular membrane technology, 2010.
2]GPI, a lipid-binding coagulation inhibitor, to the cellular membrane phospholipids (2).
In the ideal case, the measured input resistance consists of the resistance of the closest cellular myoplasm, the resistance of contact membrane and the resistance of cellular membrane connected in parallel (Fig.
Negative charges on cytoplasmic proteins cannot leave the cell and thus alter the cellular membrane ion balance due to the Donnan effect.
An electric field applied to a cell will result in an electric potential across the cellular membrane.
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