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a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell

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In this ERC project I will, using advanced computational microscopy, study the interaction of lipids and proteins in complex, crowded, membrane patches, to enable the driving forces of membrane protein sorting and clustering to be unravelled at conditions closely mimicking real cellular membranes.
According to Technion Professors Eitan Kimmel's model, when the ultrasonic waves encounter a cell, the two layers of the cellular membrane begin to vibrate.
LRT can result in the cellular delivery of unoxidized, undamaged membrane glycophospholipids in order to replace damaged lipids and restore function to cellular membranes.
The electrical conductivity of the solution is a function of the amounts of ions leached from the seeds and is thus directly related to the integrity of the cellular membranes.
An electric field applied to a cell will result in an electric potential across the cellular membrane.
Recent work has shown that structural features of cellular membrane proteins influence the mechanism of proton transport, and that conformational changes in the protein's structure may act as an "on/off" switch for proton transport.
Noting that lipopolysaccharide is present to a significantly greater extent in the outer cellular membrane of Gramnegative bacteria than Gram-positive bacteria, Dr.
More specifically, it describes an experimental situation where mechanical forces impressed upon the external cellular membrane are transmitted via the cytoskeletona complex of inner cellullar microtubules that gives the cell structural integrity--to the nucleus, resulting in near--instantaneous rearrangements within the nucleus.
No one had even suspected that this would occur," says Hirsh,"and without the EML images we might never have seen the evidences that loss of protective sugars leads to cellular membrane damage.
Because it is easier to rip the cellular membrane lining the urethra and rectum during intercourse than it is to tear the membrane lining the vagina; these rips then facilitate the entrance of the semen-borne AIDS virus into the partner's bloodstream.
Taking into account the obtained results, the researchers are hopeful that liposomes derived from cellular membrane will have important role in drug and gene delivery in the near future; therefore, they will take the place of toxic cationic carriers that are currently used.
Skin cells have only omega-6s in the cellular membrane and mitochondria.
Ten chapters (each with references; contributors are based in the UK, France, and the US) discuss methods and parameters for membrane simulations, lateral pressure profiles in lipid membranes, coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations, models for peptide folding and insertion, membrane sculpting by N-BAR domains, computational approaches to ionotropic glutamate receptors, and active transport across the cellular membrane, among other topics.
In 24 extended and well-illustrated articles, experts describe their research and work in characterizing cellular membrane platforms, intercellular networks and the architecture of cell compartments mediated by the entry and replication of cycles of viruses.
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