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a blind for privacy or to keep out light

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New LEVOLOR Double Cell Cordless Cellular Shades are designed with high-quality fabrics that are soft, durable, and easy to clean.
A Translucent cellular shades are ideal for eliminating the glare from a window.
In the window treatment area PCC is successfully supplying fabric for cellular shade market, both in white and colors.
Like mini-blinds, cellular shades are relatively inexpensive.
Entries will be judged in the following product categories: alternative shading products, cellular shades, curtains and draperies, horizontal blinds, motorization, pleated and roller shades, shutters, specialty applications, verticals, wood blinds/shadings (wood, faux wood), and merchandising.
Waverly cellular shades have superior energy and sound insulation, which make them ideal for any room in the home.
All entries were judged in one of the following product categories: Alternative Shading Products, Cellular Shades, Curtains and Draperies, Drapery Hardware, Horizontal Blinds, Shutters, Pleated and Roller Shades, Specialty Applications, Verticals, Wood Blinds and Shadings (Wood/Faux Wood), and Merchandising.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-17 Blinds II-17 Select Types of Blinds II-17 Awning Blinds II-17 Bamboo Blinds II-17 Cordless Blinds II-17 Drop Blinds II-18 Faux Wood Blinds II-18 Miniblinds II-18 Vertical Blinds II-18 Venetian Blinds II-18 Wooden Blinds II-19 Shades II-19 Select Types of Shades II-19 Cellular Shades II-19 Pleated Shades II-19 Roller Shades II-20 Roman Shades II-20 Wood Shades II-20 Fixtures and Fittings II-20
Entries will be judged according to product categories: horizontal blinds, pleated and roller shades, wood blinds/shadings (wood, faux wood), verticals, cellular shades, curtains and draperies, shutters, alternative shading products, drapery hardware, merchandising and specialty applications, WCMA said.
This fall, Levolor Accordia Custom Cellular Shades allow you to decorate your home with beautiful new woven fabrics, finishes, and colors.
Sunlight's damaging effect on fabrics, furniture and rugs is also driving the development of light-diffusing and directional designs, including cellular shades, blinds and louvers, as well as new hardware systems that cover windows of any size and in any location.
The new facility fabricates and distributes several product lines, including cellular shades, wood alloy blinds and the company's Shangri-La Window Shadings line.
Our most popular products consist of: faux wood blinds, bamboo shades, aluminum mini blinds, honeycomb cellular shades, vertical blinds, and real wood shutters.
We have to be here," said Flem, who noted that Levolor will roll out cordless technology in its metal blinds this summer, followed by its cellular shades in the fall, and then its wood blinds.
In the Cellular Shades Category, the 2013 Duette Honeycomb Shades Collection was named Best Style Concept.
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