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the number is used in calling a particular telephone

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By exploiting the outdated global technology that connects mobile networks, hackers can essentially take over cellphone numbers, allowing them to listen to calls, read text messages and potentially access a user's social media accounts.
The Senate today approved on third and final reading a bill that would allow consumers to keep their cellphone numbers for life, even if they change service providers or subscription plans.
The measure allows mobile phone subscribers to retain their existing cellphone numbers even if they change service providers to another, or subscription plans, either from prepaid to postpaid or vice versa.
Generally, every voice and data transmission for a specific cellphone number is documented chronologically.
Other free voice and messaging apps require that you verify your cellphone number, request access to your private cellphone contacts, and may also ask for your email address.
Anonymous releases #Trump's personal data: Social security number and cellphone number.
She has her cellphone number but has not called it, Li said.
Furthermore, users are not asked to provide any personally identifiable information, such as their name, email address, or cellphone number.
After the ceremony was done and members of the bridal party were taking photos, Mallue got a call from the wedding planner asking if it would be OK to give the president his cellphone number, said McConnell, a bridesmaid.
Incharge District Flood Control Room Saeed Ahmad Khan has advised the general public to immediately informed him about any emergency at his cellphone number 0323-4575608 or 0547523351 for prompt action.
SIM swapping is where an individual (in this case the fraudster) replaces a SIM card on a particular cellphone number so that all bank communication is directed to the replacement SIM card, such as once-off passwords used to transact via internet banking.
During the conversation, the stranger gave his cellphone number to the official and asked the latter to visit the religious site of Shirdi which he claimed as his abode.
He has given me a direct number of the Tourism Task Force (Police Inspector Eben Muyambo--0812471018) as well as his personal cellphone number (0811290051), which can be used by members of the tourism sector who are nearing Rundu and plan to stop here.
Identify yourself in your text if you aren't positive the person has your cellphone number in his or her contact list.
Beckman, "the fourth best cop in the Seattle Police Department," from a crime scene featuring the body of a man, badly beaten and then shot in the back of the head, whose pockets contained nothing except a matchbook upon which was written her cellphone number.