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a device for charging or recharging batteries


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General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, has revealed details of the wireless cellphone charger that is available in the 2015 Cadillac ATS range.
The Cellphone Charger Box will offer multiple ports, allowing it to charge tablets and laptops in addition to cell phones.
Roxas gave travel tips and notes like knowing when to use offline maps in areas where there are no mobile signals, shorter routes from Roxas to Oriental Mindoro, and the benefits of using makeshift papag cellphone charger.
Maxfield, they found four silver dollars and two quarters believed to have been taken from the vehicle he was looking through, prescription drugs, a Tom Tom global positioning system, cigarettes, a T-Mobile cellphone charger, a car cigarette lighter, a Bic lighter with dice, flames and a female on it, a tire gauge, a 12-vote power-port plug, lottery tickets and loose change.
DAVAO CITY -- Learning from Supertyphoons ''Yolanda'' and ''Pablo'', the engineering department of a university here has designed a survival kit that includes a solar-powered lamp, a cellphone charger and water purifier.
A number of cellphone chargers used to hide shabu during its distribution were also confiscated during the operation.
Two cellphone chargers and a memory card were stolen between 6:24 a.
During these missions, the unit determined that Riley not only had the ability to detect cellphones; he also detected cellphone chargers, SIM cards, tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots.
The single dynamo generates about 7 KVA or 7,000 volt amps that was more than enough to continuously use light bulbs, cellphone chargers, transistor radios and other small appliances of the 15 households of Ibaloi settlers, mostly fisher folk along the watershed and gold panners on the Agno River.
Navajo is about to launch a HotTips brand of cellphone chargers and accessories, Deuschle says.
We anticipate people will use the controlled outlets for computer monitors, cellphone chargers, fan heaters, and other appliances that can be switched off at night without adverse consequences," explains Howlett.
They can provide much-needed electricity for lights, heaters, refrigerators, TVs, cellphone chargers and garage door openers.