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Synonyms for Sellotape

trademark transparent or semitransparent adhesive tape (trade names Scotch tape and Sellotape) used for sealing or attaching or mending

fasten or attach with sellotape


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The talented folks at Cellotape and Landmark Label bring new capabilities to our growing family.
And, on tables at each side of the bed, smart, handstitched leather boxes hold everything from a corkscrew to a reel of cellotape.
The set is constructed live by the performers from an assortment of plastic tubes, cardboard boxes and reams of cellotape.
Sometimes a posey of flowers snipped from his own garden and held together with supermarket cellotape.
McCarthy woke her up in the middle of the night and tied her up using Cellotape, Cardiff Crown Court heard.
This large envelope was signed by the research assistant and sealed by cellotape at its two ends, such that any tampering would be detected by the coexperimenter who cut open the envelopes during the experiment.
You name it, odd bits of junk mail, pens, keys, loose change, pencil sharpeners, nail clippers, stamps, screws, cellotape, and last week I even found a false nail and a bottle of purple nail polish.
I had visions of having to Cellotape the box together again so I could take all the bits back to the shop and complain.
Had I thought clearly about it, I realise now, I could simply have extracted the tape and cassette, joined the broken ends with Cellotape and sent it off to southern Georgia as usual.
If he can't produce a tape, he should put some cellotape over his mouth.
Five momarsa for the supply of raw materials & requisites for the processing & packaging of Halwa including (a) red Sudanese sesame, (b) white beat sugar, (c) glucose, (d) licorice root, lemon salt, vanilla, lythesin , also (e) Kraft carton, Cellotape reels and flow pack paper.
Next week, in honour of Mo's favourite breakfast cereal, all Fulham players will be required to cellotape a Weetabix to their head for the trip to Old Trafford.
Mistakes will be rectified with cellotape, wound tightly around both ends of the gift.
You can draft proof around the edges of windows and doors - even using cellotape will make some difference.