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Synonyms for Sellotape

trademark transparent or semitransparent adhesive tape (trade names Scotch tape and Sellotape) used for sealing or attaching or mending

fasten or attach with sellotape


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This large envelope was signed by the research assistant and sealed by cellotape at its two ends, such that any tampering would be detected by the coexperimenter who cut open the envelopes during the experiment.
You name it, odd bits of junk mail, pens, keys, loose change, pencil sharpeners, nail clippers, stamps, screws, cellotape, and last week I even found a false nail and a bottle of purple nail polish.
a Strategic Agreement with Cellotape Inc (`Cellotape'), and has subsequently
I had visions of having to Cellotape the box together again so I could take all the bits back to the shop and complain.
Had I thought clearly about it, I realise now, I could simply have extracted the tape and cassette, joined the broken ends with Cellotape and sent it off to southern Georgia as usual.
If he can't produce a tape, he should put some cellotape over his mouth.
Other participating organizations include: Aditux, Alchemic Solutions, Advanced Card Systems, BayPay Forum, Bouygues Telecom, BrilliantService USA, Casino Supermarkets, CelloTape, Enavigo, Endeavor Partners, Forever 21, French Association for Mobile Contactless, Good Technology, IEEE SCV, HID Global, Identive Group, Infineon Technologies North America, ITN International, Japan Airlines, LA Metro, LifeSynk, LoveisTouch, Metropolitan Transport Commission, Miller Coors, New NrFid Concept, Nokia, Proximiant, Scandinavian Airlines, Sequent, Sony Electronics, SistelNetworks, TapWise, thinaire, Think&Go NFC, WhileOnTheMove and others.
Next week, in honour of Mo's favourite breakfast cereal, all Fulham players will be required to cellotape a Weetabix to their head for the trip to Old Trafford.
Mistakes will be rectified with cellotape, wound tightly around both ends of the gift.
You can draft proof around the edges of windows and doors - even using cellotape will make some difference.
Doing it with half a side is quite something else altogether - and Gareth Delve pulling out on the morning of the game with a hamstring strain on a casualty list fast becoming not merely unfortunate, but freakish, meant Wales turned up with a side not so much patched up as hanging together with cellotape.
People go there in the summer to buy parasols, outdoor torches, summer clothes, cellotape.
The court was told the sock was stuffed in the boy's mouth which was then covered with cellotape, making breathing difficult.
Wrapping presents can be one of the worst things about Christmas - but one woman has come up with the perfect answer to avoid the paper and cellotape.