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Italian sculptor (1500-1571)

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Cellini will be relocating from its location at the Waldorf Astoria New York that it has been in for more than 40 years.
You don't have to be virtuous to do this," Cellini says.
We know the size of our business in Pakistan will be very small, but in the end it will grow 10 to 20 percent, Cellini added.
Lo stesso Cellini, in un importante passaggio dell'autobiografia, aveva dato a intendere che le tribolazioni sofferte alla corte di Firenze fossero il risultato della propria mancanza di piaggeria, attribuendo allo stesso Cosimo de' Medici il riconoscimento che una fondamentale "terribilita" di carattere e un difetto di servilismo cortigiano avevano avuto conseguenze esiziali sulla carriera dell'artista.
And my culinary companion for the evening, Fiona, also went for a house speciality - lasagane de Cellini - slow-cooked shin of beef in Italian red wine with plum tomatoes, oregano, bay leaves, garlic and rosemary, layered with fresh pasta sheets, bechamel, and topped with Duke mozzarella cheese and fresh Parmesan.
The most creative Python Terry Gilliam directs English National Opera in a first time performance of Berlioz's Benvenuto Cellini.
com)-- FORCE[c] is the story of Mafioso crime families (Italian and Russian), pushed to war when Italian Mob Boss Tony Cellini is targeted and killed.
Callow, 64, hit out as he attended the opening of English National Opera's production of Benvenuto Cellini at the London Coliseum.
The writ has been lodged by Sport Capital, a company owned by one of the would-be buyers of the club eased aside by Italian Massimo Cellini when he took over at Elland Road last month.
Recently the Museum reopened after major reorganization--undertaken after the theft of a gold and enamel saltcellar masterpiece by Benvenuto Cellini about ten years ago.
The reasons for this change of mind can be traced to certain conceptual contradictions in his Cellini analysis that are first of all due to the particular character of Cellini's work itself.
Now the ENO has announced he is to return in 2014 to present Berlioz's Benvenuto Cellini, described as a "technically challenging" production about the life of the Florentine sculptor.
The bronze statue, Perseus with the Head of Medusa, by the Mannerist sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, depicts the moment directly after the demigod Perseus chops off Medusa's head, thereby fulfilling his promise to deliver it to the abusive King Polydektes of Seriphos, who is planning to marry his mother, Daena, against her will.
For example, whereas John Addington Symond's translation of the rather prolix and breathy Life of Benvenuto Cellini canonized the Florentine master as the antithesis of the machine age, the story of the casting of his famous statue of Perseus representing a supreme expression of the craftsman's autonomy and authenticity, Hawthorne's meditations on Cellini in The Scarlet Letter and the stories comprising Mosses from an Old Manse are rather more ambiguous, celebrating in complex ways "a language of workmanship beholden, like Cellini's Life, to represent both the artisan's habitual, durable practice and the inimitability and contingency of an unstandardized life" (71).
Shop window at Cellini smashed with stone and clothing and handbags stolen from display.