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a hand-held mobile radiotelephone for use in an area divided into small sections, each with its own short-range transmitter/receiver

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About 10 years ago, they showed that cell-phone radiation causes the protective barrier in rats' brains to leak, permitting blood proteins that are normally kept away from brain tissue to contact neurons.
Examination of the animals' brain tissue 50 days later revealed that up to 2 percent of the brain cells of rats that had received cell-phone radiation exposures of 0.
The report provides readers with large numbers of cell-phone appearance drawings and detailed parameters of all kinds of cell-phone appearance designs.
Through this report, enterprises designing cell-phone appearances can have a good understanding of the present situation and features of the fast-selling mobile phones' appearance designs in Chinese market from 2008 to 2009.
In the experiment, which used cultured human blood-vessel cells, Leszczynski found that the active form of a protein known as heat shock protein 27 increases in abundance when cells are exposed to cell-phone radiation.
However, the committee did compile ample indications that cell-phone emissions can induce biological changes--the health significance of which remains open to interpretation.
The DOH immediately pledged to act on the findings, beginning with an infusion of an additional several million dollars into cell-phone research.
Despite greater public approval of the plan, the MBTA remains sensitive to the interests of cell-phone averse travellers.
The urban legend is being fanned by - surprise - an e-mail forward stating people must sign up their cell-phone numbers on the Do Not Call registry by Dec.
While concern over possible cancer risks has dominated public debate of cell-phone safety, until now there have been too few long-term users of the technology to make epidemiological studies practical, notes Feychting.
So the cell-phone issue couldn't be addressed until the union had its say, and a new bus drivers' contract was inked.
Lund said that while teachers usually prohibit cell-phone use in class, the size and easy use of the phones make them practically invisible.
In an unusual collaboration between the independent arts organization Side Street Projects and the Laemmle Grande 4-Plex downtown, 75 of Stein's cell-phone portraits are being shown on screen Friday and Saturday nights between such feature films as ``Serendipity,'' ``Training Day'' and ``Don't Say a Word.
AS concerned as they are about the health and well-being of the populace, Los Angeles City Council members will surely act quickly on the scientific finding that rats suffer long-term memory loss and genetic mutations when making too many long cell-phone calls.
Science is never based on a single study, but I think there should be some concern among cell-phone users,'' said University of Washington bioengineering research professor Henry Lai, whose study will be published next month in the Journal of Bioelectromagnetics.