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Adijiang et al., "NF-[kappa]b plays an important role in indoxyl sulfate-induced cellular senescence, fibrotic gene expression, and inhibition of proliferation in proximal tubular cells," American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology, vol.
Calpain is a class of [Ca.sup.2+] -dependent cysteine proteases that have attracted considerable attention in the scientific literature due lo their role in the modulation of various aspects of cell physiology, including apoptosis, cell migration, and cell proliferation.
With the recognition that protein trafficking and export are central to the biology and pathology of the organic cell, it has become clear that understanding the mechanisms of protein sorting, membrane targeting, transmembrane crossing, and secretion across multiple membranes is an important subject in the study of cell physiology. This volume, edited by Economou (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece), collects 26 papers detailing methods and protocols for investigating these processes, including investigations with bioinformatics, proteomics, fundamental enzymology and genetics, cell biology, structural analyses, and biophysics.
This aberrant cell physiology has it primary effect by depolarizing hepatocytes.
Sperelakis (Ed.), Cell Physiology Sourcebook: A Molecular Approach (p.
APS publishes 14 journals covering all aspects of physiology, including "Cell Physiology," "Physiological Genomics," "Journal of Neurophysiology" and "Advances in Physiology Education."
These studies provide information necessary for the elucidation of the importance of Bax in cell physiology."
They may be used to investigate skin cell physiology in a model that is more realistic than a monolayer culture and also have the potential for use as a test bed for various pharmaceutical and even cosmetic preparations.
These two men led fascinating lives, just like other black Americans, such as Ernest Just, who made significant contributions in cell physiology; Louis Wright, who led antibiotic research; Percy Julian, who developed cortisone and other drugs; and Patricia Bath, who invented a device to remove cataracts using laser surgery.
4) Use environmental agents as tools to understand perturbations in normal cell physiology to directly link exposure to disease.
Specific applications for magnetic cell separation systems include transfection, cell physiology, molecular biology and genetics research.
She brings the latest in hormone chemistry and cell physiology to the aid of faltering reproduction.
It houses two research centres, one for botanical genetic engineering and the other for plant and cell physiology. Two identical building halves embrace an inner courtyard with a pitched glass roof.
These spectral markers are not necessarily etiologically related to the disease process but may reflect generalized changes in cell physiology.