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In EMN method, electric field exposure induced an increase in electrophoretic mobility of cell nuclei (EMN index), decreased numbers of heterochromatin granules near the inner membrane of cell nucleus, and induced cell membrane damage; but cell viability was conserved.
In the lab, Baia knocked down the amount of YAP1 in cell nuclei and found that tumor proliferation went down.
Users can customize thresholds for positivity for cell nuclei.
The report also stated that archaea and bacteria live symbiotically with eukaryotes to form cell nuclei and thus produce eukaryotic organisms in ''mosaic structure.
The cell nuclei have a homogenous "ground-glass" appearance and may contain Cowdry type A intranuclear inclusions.
Full-term development of mice from enucleated oocytes injected with cumulus cell nuclei.
Both Schleiden and Schwann felt that the cell nuclei were of importance in connection with cell reproduction but could not divine the details.
They found that if the muscle cell nuclei outnumbered the skin cell nuclei, the skin nuclei began to express muscle-specific genes within a few hours of fusion.
Until now, scientists had extracted small DNA segments from Neandertal bones, mainly from mitochondria outside cell nuclei (SN: 4/1/00, p.
The experiments involved the separate introduction of sheep, pig, rat and rhesus monkey skin cell nuclei into cow cells whose nuclei had been removed.
Since the material seemed to originate in cell nuclei, it was called nuclein at first, and later, because it had acidic properties, nucleic acid.
The inventions described in the intellectual property portfolio, which are covered by issued and pending patents, cover techniques for the reprogramming of somatic cell nuclei, including the use of extracts for the reprogramming of somatic cell nuclei, for the generation of cloned and/or transgenic animals and for the reprogramming of human cells.
Despite examining 10 scenarios of inheritance, both for mitochondrial DNA and DNA from cell nuclei, the researchers were unable to explain genetically the observed female-biased pattern of sponge carrying.
The hypocellular Antoni B area has a varying degree of cell pleomorphism; irregular cell types are scattered in loose connective tissue, and there is no definable palisading of tumor cell nuclei.
With precision & reliability, a non-contact laser beam will select, dissect and catapult selected living cell areas, cell nuclei or chromosomes directly into the cap of a common microphage tube for subsequent evaluation by PCR without danger of contamination.