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a female gametocyte that develops into an ovum after two meiotic divisions

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The mesenchymal stem cell seeded scaffold showed cell nests in histology and spindle shaped cell studded submucosal surface in scanning electron microscopy.
Interleukin-2 protein and CD3 [sup]+ and CD8 [sup]+ T cells were present in the cancer stroma and cancer cell nests [Figure 1].
These cell nests were punctated by cystic spaces and cells arranged haphazardly around spaces [Figure 2].
Histological examination revealed scattered physaliphorous cell nests with a lobular growth pattern.
The novel abdominal appendage in male sepsid flies (Diptera: Sepsidae) has a complex evolutionary history of primary gain, loss, and regain which we explore using fluorescent microscopy to compare the size, volume, and number of cells in the histoblast cell nests that produce the appendage during pupation across six genera including an ancestral outgroup which describe evolutionary history of the appendage.
In most cases, the proliferation is not maintained and the cell nests gradually reduce in size and number.
The architecture of the tumour varied from well-defined tumour cell nests to haphazardly distributed spindle cells.
Histopathological examination revealed a lobulated tumour consisting of tumour cells showing sebaceous differentiation with palisaded germinative cell nests at the periphery fair amount of mitotic activity (maximum 7/10HPF) and cell nests containing central eosinophilic degenerated material and focally surrounded by lymphoid cells.
The histological sections were used to measure the height of digestive cells, the length of the striated border, the nuclear area and the area of the regenerative cell nests.