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The meat substrate's solid-semisolid nature restricts cell mobility.
Indibulin is a novel synthetic anti-mitotic agent that binds to tubulin, destabilizes microtubule polymerization, arrests tumor cell growth at the G2/M phase and inhibits cell mobility and metastasis.
Src has known effects on cell mobility, invasion, and survival.
Researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) have found that COX2 and HB-EGF - genes that induce cancer cell mobility and invasiveness - are the genetic mediators in the spread of breast cancer to the brain.
List of Tables Table 1: Small Cell Categories and Market Segments 7 Table 2: Strategy Focus Areas for Technical Aspects 25 Table 3: List of Fundamental SON Capabilities 28 Table 4: Strategic Requirements and Business Drivers for SON 28 Table 5: Types of SON Architectures 29 Table 6: SON Vendors, Products, and Solutions 30 Table 7: Different Types of Small Cell Interference 30 Table 8: Interference Management Capabilities for Small Cells 31 Table 9: Small Cell Mobility Feature Requirements 32 Table 10: Solutions to Consider for Seamless Mobility Support in Small Cells 33 Table 11: Vendor Solutions for Seamless Mobility 33 Table 12: Authentication and Security Requirement for Small Cells 34