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A companion study published by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in the same issue of Cell Metabolism shows that a ketogenic diet extends longevity and improves memory in aging mice.
USA], August 24 ( ANI ): In a new research, a group of scientists highlighted the importance of immune cell metabolism for maintaining a balanced immune response.
He told journal Cell Metabolism that sweeteners could also lead to hyperactivity and insomnia.
The IRIS trial is the first study to provide evidence that a drug targeting cell metabolism may prevent secondary strokes and heart attacks even before diabetes develops.
has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Seahorse Bioscience, a provider of instruments and assay kits for measuring cell metabolism and bioenergetics, for $235 million in cash.
The results are published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism.
Now we understand how cancer cell metabolism can be disrupted, and we can examine how we can use this knowledge to try to alter the course of cancer or prevent cancer.
The findings were reported in the latest edition of the journal Cell Metabolism.
The pearl also includes skin restoration elements, mainly in what is called "Mother-of-Pearl," as it contains sodium salts responsible for improving hydro lipid balance; silica salts, which stimulate cell regeneration; and trace elements, which boost cell metabolism and provide a source of energy for skin plus A, B, C and E vitamins which combat free radicals and boost and revitalize skin.
According to a report in the November 2011 issue of Cell Metabolism, researchers gave 11 healthy, obese men a dietary supplement containing 150 mgs of 99-percent-pure resveratrol for 30 days.
Dr Jun Yoshino, who co-authored the research published in the journal Cell Metabolism, said: "I'm very excited to see these results because the effect of NMN is much bigger than other known compounds or chemicals.
The findings are in the July 6 edition of Cell Metabolism.
The new findings, reported in the journal Cell Metabolism, raise the possibility of amino acid supplements benefiting humans.
Active Bio Crystals built into the microfibre yarn absorb body heat and stimulate cell metabolism increasing blood flow to the skin; your skin appears smoother and cellulite is reduced.
Reporting in the March issue of Cell Metabolism, researchers at Children's Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School study found the protein ferroportin is the major, and possibly only, iron exporter functioning at key points of iron absorption and release in the body.