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a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell

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Protocols for inserting membrane proteins in this, the most promising membrane support system identified so far, are currently being developed to enable SANS measurements of the conformation the proteins have in actual cell membranes.
The nanosensor's location on the cell membranes currently prevents it from tracking glutamate inside the cells.
The relationship will take advantage of LBL's facilities and expertise with physics and optical techniques that may resolve important questions involving cellular processes such as the transport of pharmaceuticals across the cell membrane, signal transduction, and cell adhesion.
Fuel cell membranes -- often called the "heart of the fuel cell" -- allow an electrochemical reaction to occur that generates electricity directly from a solution of fuel -- in this case a combination of readily-available methanol -- and water.
PolyFuel, which is a leading provider of fuel cell membranes for both portable and automotive applications, is actively exploiting the inherent synergies between the two in order to reduce cost, increase durability, and maximize performance of fuel cell systems.
To test this model, the researchers synthesized a right-handed mirror image of the peptide and exposed cell membranes to it.
PolyFuel announced today that it recently received the ISO-9001:2000 certification for the design and manufacture of its advanced fuel cell membranes.
It consists of synthetic peptides that self-assemble into structures resembling cell membranes.
CSAs have a net positive charge that is electrostatically attracted to the negatively charged cell membranes of certain viruses, including influenza, as well as fungi and bacteria.
Taking advantage of this natural surveillance capability, researchers have incorporated components of cell membranes into sensors to sniff out dangerous chemical and biological agents.
They are looking at a way to "seal" leaky muscle cell membranes, which can contribute to loss of muscle control.
8, honors two researchers whose pioneering work on channels in cell membranes has elucidated how ions and water molecules get in and out of cells.
Jonathan Frost, head of Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, confirmed that the advances in technology that have occurred over the past few years, particularly in fuel cell membranes and catalysts, have now reached the threshold for commercialization.
Today's cell membranes are made of long, oily, lipid molecules that form into pliant fluidlike films surrounding a cell's biomolecular machinery.
The HydraStax(TM) fuel cell is a proprietary technology owned by ARSC's Hydra unit that increases both the efficiency and useful life of fuel cell membranes.