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a thin membrane (a double layer of lipids) enclosing the cytoplasm of a cell

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Cancer therapies that attack the lipid composition of the cell membrane would be an entirely new class of anticancer drugs," says co-senior study author Paul Beales, of the University of Leeds in the UK.
By tinkering with the voltage in cell membranes of developing African clawed frogs, researchers found that the electric charge, also called membrane potential, plays a role in how big the brain grows and what kind of tissues developing cells grow into.
In their study, the scientists confirmed that MurJ flips a tatty molecule from one side of a bacterial cell membrane to the other.
The human body cells are designed to maintain a stable concentration of ions inside their cell membranes.
The skins are then mixed with the ball-shaped nanoparticles until they are coated with a red blood cell membrane.
They may look and act like natural humancell membranes but the synthetic cell membranes invented by A*STAR's IMRE have more advantages.
The research led them to consider how sickle cell anemia and malaria infection affect the mechanical properties of red blood cell membranes.
Previous research with ambient nano-scale particles such as ultrafine particulate matter has demonstrated that some of these particles tend to migrate into cell membranes and mitochondria, and that a selective pathway transports them into the brain in mammals.
It just so happens that these very same carotenoids are busy protecting our cell membranes, keeping the linings of our blood vessels smooth, and making sure our cholesterol and blood lipids aren't damaged by oxidation.
Planar supported mimics of cell membranes are of great interest for the study of membrane structure/function relationships and for the development of biomaterials.
For example, one therapy might try to repair the cell membranes of damaged neurons, while another might help restore the myelin coating around the axons.
PolyFuel, Inc, a world leader in engineered fuel cell membranes for the portable electronic and automotive industries, announced today the appointment of Mr.
A recent study shows that the composition of human cell membranes varies depending on the time of day.
Certain chemicals and electrical charges can also temporarily puncture cell membranes.