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recuperation in which the symptoms of an acute disease gradually subside

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They may be overly influenced by assay sensitivity and the incompleteness of cell lysis even in the presence of saponin.
1 mL of Milenia[R] cell lysis solution (DPC Biermann) and incubated in stoppered 1.
The database currently tags 20,000 individuals working in Cell Lysis.
Tomas Ussing, CEO and founder of FluimediX, commented, "FluimediX has developed a number of highly innovative and proprietary technologies underlying our NanoCycler[TM] platform; our contact free cell lysis technology is central to our capability of processing 'raw' sample material prior to analysis.
When injected intra-tumorally LTX-315 causes dramatic and rapid cell lysis and tumour necrosis.
Samples were assigned without conscious bias to nucleated cell separation either by ficoll centrifugation (30 min at 400g without brake) or by ammonium chloride-mediated red cell lysis (RCL).
Cell lysis was performed by gently mixing the resuspended cell pellet with 0.
We (5) and others (6) rather choose overnight hypoosmotic red blood cell lysis as an easier and more cost-effective protocol.
SJSA1 cells treated with nutlin 3a were analyzed using four different endpoint assays for cell viability, cell proliferation, cell lysis and apoptosis/necrosis.
Lytix specialises in micro-sized synthetic peptides offering rapid and selective cell lysis and a follow-on vaccination effect.
Pexa-Vec is engineered to express the immunogenic GM-CSF protein, which complements the cancer cell lysis of the product candidate, leading to tumor necrosis, tumor vasculature shutdown and sustained anti-tumoral immune attack.
The proposed pathophysiological mechanism includes keratinocyte apoptosis receptor fas (CD95) or cytotoxic release of perforin and granzyme B causing cell lysis.
This was still significantly improved upon by an approach of proteinase K digestion in a cell lysis buffer followed by centrifugation to remove debris and testing of supernatant, with a reported LOD of two tachyzoites.
These cytotoxic T-lymphocytes (CTL) are capable of inducing tumor cell lysis and studies in the 1980s demonstrated the ability of IL-2 to mediate these cells to cause tumor regression in melanomas.