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the ordering of genes in a haploid set of chromosomes of a particular organism

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Upon doing so, it has the ability to insert (integrate) its DNA into the host cell genome after its convenient conversion to a double-stranded form by host cell enzymes.
The a lac-Z gene, which changes nothing of the original neuronal cell genome, is used in the viral vector in place of the GAD gene to test for the effect of the presence of a viral vector on seizure activity.
The researchers found that in stably transformed HeLa cells, the integration event occurred at the right border of the Ti plasmid's T-DNA, exactly as would happen when it is being transferred into a plant cell genome.
This VEGF gene is vector-delivered into the myocardium, becomes incorporated into the myocardial cell genome, and then directs the development of collateral blood vessels in the heart.
The foreign gene construct which encodes a particular protein can be read and expressed in the host micro-organism only if it has been successfully integrated in the host cell genome and the gene construct includes "control regions" to guide the beginning and end of the reading process.
Once inside the macrophages, they take over the cell genome and force it to produce more virus--eventually killing the cell.
com) announced today that the Company and its collaborators have successfully generated induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from somatic cells using recombinant proteins, thereby creating an economical and expeditious way to generate stem cells while simultaneously eliminating any risk of modifying the target cell genome.
The CHO cell genome is known to be unstable and genes that are important for effective transcription, translation and secretion can be down-regulated or completely absent.
Buganim hypothesizes that SNEL may reprogram cells better than OSKM because it does not rely on the master regulators Oct4 and Sox2, which might activate part of the adult cell genome.
The team undertook several different research tactics and experiments, including single cell genome amplification, protein and metabolite profiling.