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IBM, which has a major facility in Warwick, said its Engineering & Technology Services (E&TS) unit, which acts as product design specialists on behalf of industrial customers including Boeing and Honeywell International, plans to help customers embed the Cell chip in electronics that require vivid graphic or video processing, among other functions.
Sony, IBM and Toshiba have released limited data about the so called Cell chip that will be able to carry out trillions of calculations per second.
The good news is that Sony is spending more than pounds 1billion on its revolutionary new Cell chip to ensure that the PlayStation3 will be so cutting edge you can shave with it.
The demonstrated performance includes a power density of over 150 mW/cm2 at 510xC with a platinum-free cathode, and a total power output of over 20mW from a single fuel cell chip, the leading performance among nanometric thin film SOFCs.
The Nikkei reports says the new processor for the PSP2 will be a version of the Cell chip found in the PlayStation 3, scaled for a portable device.