diatomaceous earth

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a light soil consisting of siliceous diatom remains and often used as a filtering material

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A plot from the weighted Deming regression analysis, performed in samples from women, between extraction-partition celite chromatography/RIA and ID/GC-MS is presented in Fig.
XAVi Technologies is a global supplier of xDSL (CPEs) and has demonstrated great expertise and leadership in the production of cost-effective, sophisticated xDSL modems," said Roger Dorf, CEO and president of Celite Systems.
Celite Systems' DSL Headends can be used by facility-based copper access providers (RBOCs, IOCs and PTTs) and multi-dwelling units (MDUs) to cost effectively deliver broadband services.
Through its innovative broadcast DSL (BDSL(tm)) technology, Celite Systems pre-wires entire neighborhoods for broadband at speeds faster than or equal to what is currently offered.
Celite Systems DSL headend products blend the best elements of cable modem and DSL technology.
For control patients, the anticoagulation protocol consisted of an initial fixed dose of 250 IU/kg heparin, and additional 5000 IU heparin doses were administered with Celite ACT <480 s.
use the i-STAT System and many are beginning to consolidate their celite ACT testing in the catheterization laboratory onto the i-STAT platform.
CA1549) obtained from Sorin-Biomedica was used for F determination, after extraction and Celite chromatography separation (see below).
Company: Celite Systems Booth: 24046 Media Contact: Timothy Waters/Hamid Jahromi Investor Relations Contact: Timothy Waters Phone: 512-681-3600 E-mail: Twaters@celitesystems.
Abaziou joins as a senior member of Highland's communications team that has recently invested in such companies as Azanda Network Devices, Celite Systems, Kodeos, N2 Broadband, Starent Networks and Telica.
The referral laboratory method is a manual, second-antibody RIA method, used after the serum has been extracted with an ethyl acetate/hexane mixture and fractionated by chromatography on a Celite column.
At Celite Systems, we are building a new market category for DSL Headends, devices which facilitate the mass-market, cost-effective deployment of DSL services for network service providers," said Tim Waters, vice president of marketing and business development, Celite Systems.
Scott currently serves on the Board of Directors for Active Power, Celite Systems and Spatial Wireless and is a venture partner with Austin Ventures.
The columns for Celite and Sephadex chromatography were 5-mL glass pipettes (5 mm i.
With increased competitive pressure to profitably attract and service broadband customers, particularly in high density areas, the technology model that Celite Systems has developed for pre-wiring for broadband is a natural fit for the needs of local exchange carriers and building owners serving MDUs.