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Synonyms for celibacy

Synonyms for celibacy

an unmarried status

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abstaining from sexual relations (as because of religious vows)

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The positive correlation between the change in attitude for sexually active homosexuals and the change in attitude for celibate homosexual makes sense if changes in attitude toward homosexual persons were related to changes in attitude toward homosexual behavior.
Could any superintendent of education guarantee that a celibate homosexual would never fall from Grace?
there's me, a celibate homosexual who dresses up in women's clothes for a living, thinking what a mess your life is.
Celibate homosexual and heterosexual males had mean scores of 27 and 24, respectively.
The celibate homosexual, if he has the good sense to realise it, is compensated by his Maker by being freed of the burdens and endless worries of a wife and children (as well as the solaces) and has the opportunity of developing his interests and talents and friendships.
As reiterated in the report of a General Assembly special committee on sexual orientation in 2003, "a celibate homosexual minister or member of the Order of Diaconal Ministries may still be ordained/designated under the present laws and practice of the Presbyterian Church in Canada," but "on the basis of a precedent derived from an understanding of scriptural authority, a person described as a 'self avowed and practicing homosexual' may be refused ordination.
He was one of nine bishops who expressed concern about the proposed appointment of Dr Jeffrey John, a celibate homosexual,as Bishop of Reading.