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Synonyms for look-alike

someone who closely resembles a famous person (especially an actor)

resembling closely

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Previous initiatives have included a meet and greet with Newcastle Falcons rugby team, celebrity lookalike personal shoppers, magic shows and a model railway exhibition.
Now Allan, a former Coventry, Plymouth Argyle and Merthyr player, and Brecon Corries manager, may be looking at a lucrative 'transfer' from the milk round to the celebrity lookalike league.
From furry gym ball covers and celebrity lookalike parties, pitched by a squeaky Beckham lookalike, to waterproof thigh covers, the ideas flooded in.
Until now, we'd really only expect to see Queen Elizabeth II in comedy form as a Spitting Image puppet or a Jeanette Charles celebrity lookalike.
And when the Scot joked that his rival's image posted on a celebrity lookalike website looked less like Connery than himself, the photo was promptly removed.
Games to play in the car this weekend# I Spy - The old favourite of taking the first letter of something you see and making people guess the word; # Spot the Eddie Stobart Truck - Spot the aforementioned truck and see if the drivers are as nice as legend says and wave back to you; # Spot the celebrity - More difficult to do in the car, but you could easily spot the celebrity lookalike in those traffic jams; # Licence plate game - Take the letters from the licence plate and make a phrase out of it; # Name that tune - The first person who can name the song on the radio wins; # Snooker 147 - Spot a red car, than black, 15 times, as in snooker, then a yellow, green, brown, blue, pink, black car.
We've been inundated with orders for pink jewellery,' says Beth Gillman, of Generous Gems, an online jewellery site specialising in celebrity lookalike styles.
Determined to win a contract as a celebrity lookalike, we follow women as they try to slim down and transform themselves into the likes of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole.
The mum-of-one, from Wideopen, Newcastle, has been cashing in on her uncanny resemblance to the Back to Black singer by working as a celebrity lookalike.
The Echo phones have been buzzing with wannabe Lions centres ever since we announced our celebrity lookalike competition.
Michael appeared in the Evening Telegraph last year when he was signed up as a celebrity lookalike by copycat agency.
But he was still happy to be asked to prepare the hair of a celebrity lookalike of the Close star for a photo shoot.
Warners (tel: 01705 492121) have autumn specials including themed weekends and activities like celebrity lookalike and soundalike breaks.