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Synonyms for testimonial

Synonyms for testimonial

a statement attesting to personal qualifications, character, and dependability

a formal token of appreciation and admiration for a person's high achievements

Synonyms for testimonial

something that serves as evidence

something given or done as an expression of esteem


something that recommends (or expresses commendation of) a person or thing as worthy or desirable

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Although previous findings provide insight into the advertising effectiveness of celebrity endorsement, it is not suitable in all cases, and other endorsement strategies and types of communication may be more effective (Wei & Lu, 2013).
In particular, the indemnification provisions of the inevitable written agreement between you and the celebrity are going to be very important because, as we have seen, liability insurance is likely not going to cover you for the legal actions often precipitated by celebrity endorsements.
the Republican Party in the USA) on the evaluation of celebrity endorsement of a political candidate.
Not according to the research and consequent study published by AdAge in July this year, which found that one-fifth of celebrity endorsements had a negative impact on the advertisement's effectiveness.
The literature discusses positive impacts of celebrity endorsement (Louie and Obermiller, 2002; Till and Shimp, 1998).
Celebrity endorsement is a well-established marketing strategy used in many countries (CHOI, LEE; KIM, 2005, KIM; NA, 2007, GUREL; KAHLE, 2010).
But as there are several attributes which are associated with the celebrity endorsement which are creating impact on consumer buying behavior this is difficult for the researchers to identify the effect of each and every attribute which is associated with the celebrity endorsement and can create impact on consumer buying behavior,
And another "victim", Simon Cowell, gave him the ultimate celebrity endorsement - an invitation to his dressing room.
Global Banking News-February 4, 2015--AIG launches celebrity endorsement insurance
Hopefully we can get some more celebrity endorsement too.
Roozen and Claeys, 2010) Endorsements by celebrities may supply information crosscuts that can indicate the relevance of a candidate to electors at little or no expense (a celebrity endorsement may enhance overall elector involvement).
Celebrity endorsement has a huge impact on sales to young people who are those most at risk of become obese.
2) Why might an advertiser choose to use product placement on a TV show or a celebrity endorsement on social media instead of producing a traditional ad?
Her appointment as spokesmodel marks the first-ever celebrity endorsement for the skin care brand.
Heller, who worked with the actress on celebrity endorsement deals, said he too felt the circumstances of her passing were strange, amid new reports suggesting that the late actress had evidence of unsafe levels of heavy metals in her hair when she died, Us magazine reported.