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Synonyms for celebration

Synonyms for celebration

the act of observing a day or an event with ceremonies

the act of showing joyful satisfaction in an event

a big, exuberant party

a large or important social gathering

Synonyms for celebration

a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event

the public performance of a sacrament or solemn ceremony with all appropriate ritual

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The Register-Guard's editorial noting the success of the first Eugene Celebration has been in the barrel for 29 years, and in those well-aged words, beneath the dominant congratulatory aroma, the discerning nose can detect notes of surprise and relief.
National and Worm Celebrations first defines celebrations in general and then explains the difference between national and world celebrations.
Coon secured general liability coverage for the celebrations along the way, and property coverage for all land-based functions, including a 40,000-square-foot stage that traveled with the ship and was used for various festivities.
Celebrations this year in New Orleans, abbreviated but not abandoned, will culminate on Fat Tuesday, of course, and all eyes in America will focus yet again on what's left of New Orleans as the town pulls itself together for the 2006 celebrations.
Carnival celebrations are best known for bright colors, self-expression and pulsating rhythms, thanks to the city of New Orleans.
Festivals of Freedom: Memory and Meaning in African American Emancipation Celebrations, 1808-1915.
Others contribute to confusion among the people of God and to growing desacralization of Eucharistic celebrations.
Celebrations include fireworks, family beach party, and other events.
The monograph, which is based on a wealth of archival research, focuses on the key celebrations that the state organized during the late 1930s.
This particular pig roast was the last of many celebrations marking the inauguration of the new province of the Solomon Islands in the Community of the Sisters of the Church, one of 11 Anglican religious orders in Canada.
Depending upon whom you talk to, the upcoming millennium will be either the most exciting and memorable of New Year's Eve celebrations ever or the end of the world as we know it.
James Saslow's ground-breaking contribution to scholarship on Italian Renaissance spectacle has been to examine the 1589 wedding celebrations not as a single spectacular event, but as a year-long drama of preparations, politics, and performance.
Annual celebrations often put police between the threat of tragedy and the perception of large local revenues.