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an officiating priest celebrating the Eucharist

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Celebrants who plan early can ensure a fun, safe and memorable night.
I never wanted to be a humanist celebrant until John Forwalter died.
Anyone can be a celebrant, but I wanted to do it properly," said Lee.
For a minimum of Php 2,000 to Php 3,000, you can enjoy the new McCelebrations themes, complete with a party room, full hosting, party amenities, giveaways, game prizes, a gift for the celebrant and an appearance by a McDonaldland character.
Motivated by the forthcoming ceremony, Bob has spent the past year studying for his humanist celebrant exams in London - and is now qualified to carry out weddings, baby namings and funerals.
And Charles Foley, a Queanbeyan celebrant, added: "More and more men in younger generations seem to be less hung up on name matters.
As demand increases, Scotland's 68 humanist celebrants are busy.
Diane Berke, cofounder of the One Spirit Learning Alliance, prepares celebrants for services that include "baby blessings, funerals and memorial services, gatherings for worship, divorce rituals, rituals for a child going off to college, rituals to bless a new home or business space," and more.
Until the church became the official religion of the empire, the community chose its own celebrant and the imposition of an outsider as principal celebrant of the eucharistic meal was added after the early church became the imperial church.
In the campy wedding-themed "Tying the Scarf," celebrants in traditional attire sing and dance while extoling the virtues of life insurance.
Lorish and her business partner, Diane Dearborn, are civil celebrants - laypersons who help people plan and preside over memorial services and celebrations of lives to honor deceased friends and family members.
Same-sex couples who want to really celebrate in style will be able to turn to one of the growing number of trained celebrants, who officiate at non-religious naming ceremonies and funerals.
Or was the blur effect such that the team celebrants actually thought the well-manicured estate's grounds was a forest suitable for immediate bladder relief?
The congregation of seven celebrants, two cantors, and about 50 attendees gathered around a ten-foot three-bar cross.
The Humanist Association (020 7430 0908) provides official celebrants from pounds 95.