Celastrus orbiculatus

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ornamental Asiatic vine with showy orange-yellow fruit with a scarlet aril

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Celastrus orbiculatus is a twining liana that is traditionally used in China as an anti-inflammatory agent to treat rheumatism arthritis, fever, edema and bacterial infection (Tong and Moudgil 2007; Wu et al.
The botanical determination of the plant Celastrus orbiculatus has been described in detail previously (Wang et al.
In this study, we for the first time reported the possible molecular mechanisms involved in the strong antioxidative effects of (M)-bicelaphanol A, a novel dimeric podocarpane type trinorditerpene isolated from Celastrus orbiculatus.
Lu Qi Huang providing leaf picture of Celastrus orbiculatus.
dimeric trinorditerpenes with promising neuroprotective activity from Celastrus orbiculatus.
Before I use up my allotted space, I must mention the climber Celastrus orbiculatus, the Bittersweet.
Those spreading slowly include Acorus calamus, Artemisia ludoviciana, Celastrus orbiculatus, Commelina communis, Hemerocallis fulva (vegetative expansion only), Ligustrum vulgare, Malva neglecta, Medicago sativa, Prunus cerasus, Viola priceana, and Yucca filamentosa.