Cedrus atlantica

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tall Algerian evergreen of Atlas mountains with blue-green leaves

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The yield of essential oil of Cedrus atlantica was 1.82% and the major compound in aerial parts was a-pinene (14,85%) followed by himachalene (10.14%), b-himachalene (9,89%), s-himachalene (7,62%), cis-a-atlantone (6,78%), himachalol (5,26%) and a-himachalene (4,15%), germacrene D (3.52%), b-caryophyllene (3.14%), cadinene (3.02%), b-pinene (2.35%), humulene (2.30%) and copaene (2.26%).
Key Words: Cedrus atlantica; Essential oil; GC/MS; a-pinene; Antibacterial activity
In this study, Cedrus atlantica was investigated for their efficacies against MMP-13 inhibitory activity.
Plant material: The aerials parts of Cedrus atlantica were collected in August 2009 at Tichoukt (15 km in the south east of Boulmane) a mountainous region from Morocco.
Chromatographic (GC/MS & GC-FID) analysis: The chemical composition of leaf oil from Cedrus atlantica in Morocco was determined by GC- FID (TRACE GC-ULTRA S/N 20062969, Thermo Fischer) and GC-MS (TRACE GC-ULTRA S/N 20062969-PolarisQ S/N 210729, Thermo Fischer) equipped with TRIPLUS AS S/N 20063460 in the light of the following experimental protocol.
In this work, antibacterial activity of Cedrus atlantica oil was examined using different bacterial species.
Chemical composition of the essential oil: The compounds essential oil of Cedrus atlantica from Morocco is listed in order of their elution on the (TR5- CPSIL- 5CB column) (Fig.
The essential oil yield of Cedrus atlantica collected from region of Boulmane (Morocco) was 1.82%; it's relatively higher than other plants industrially exploited as a source of essential oils: Thymus (1%) (Imelouane et al., 2009), lavender (0.8-2.8%), menthe (0.5-1%), neroli (0.5-1%) and Laurel (0.1-0.35%) (Edward et al., 1987), Tetraclinis (0.22%) (Bourkhiss et al., 2000), Juniperus phoenicea (1.62%) (Derwich et al., 2010) and Lippia rotundifolia (0.01%) (Suzana et al., 2008).
faginea) as well as Mediterranean mountain conifer at higher elevation (Cedrus atlantica, Pinus nigra subsp.
papyrifera Paper birch Catalpa speciosa Eastern catalpa Cedrus atlantica Blue atlas cedar C.
Many were grown from seed, such as the Cedrus Atlantica, taken from cones from their established trees.
Well, Mrs Hodgson has also just moved into a new house that has a large blue Atlantic Cedar (Cedrus atlantica Glauca) planted about five metres (16ft) from the patio doors.
Weeping Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Pendula').