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Plant regeneration in Spanish cedar, Cedrela odorata L., using zygotic embryo explants from mature seed and improvement of embryogenic nodule initiation by heat shock.
(2007) que tambem verificaram que diferentes concentracoes e formulacoes do extrato aquoso de hortela (Mentha piperita L.) aplicados sobre sementes de cedro (Cedrela odorata L.) nao influenciaram na germinacao das mesmas.
This is important because this plant was introduced due to the damage caused by this insect in native Meliaceae, such as Carapa guianensis Aubl., Carapa procera DC., Cedrela fissilis Vell., and S.
(2013) to verify the efficiency of the treatment on cedro seeds (Cedrela fssilis) with a biological product based on Trichoderma spp.
Como ejemplo se menciona el precio de una figura zoomorfica, con 4 dias de trabajo es comercializado a 400.000 Gs (72 USD), utilizando como materia prima Balfourodendron riedelianum y 450.000 Gs (81 USD) con el uso de Cedrela fissilis (Fig.
It attacks cryptically the apical meristem of species of Meliaceae, as Cedrela, Swietenia and Carapa.
(1997), who also found that the nitrogen was highly required by cedar (Cedrela fissilis Vell.) in the beginning of its development, since the omission of this nutrient led to reductions of 40% in height.
(2003) verified 37.50% rooting in cuttings without leaves of Cedrela fissilis, and from 75% to 100% when leaves were maintained.
Local hibridization in subtropical mountain habitats: can cedrela (meliaceae) maintain species' identity in sympatry?