Juniperus virginiana

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small juniper found east of Rocky Mountains having a conic crown, brown bark that peels in shreds, and small sharp needles

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Clydebuilt Puppets bring you a story derived from American Indian tradition where a Raven who loves bright and shiny things frees a moon from an old cedar box and lifts it back up among the stars.
2: In a cedar box with velvet lining, I would present Mr.
The titles of the remaining spirals, "Jardines a flor de piel," "Jardines del instante," and "Jardines intimos y mimimos," suggest that these gardens may be found where one least expects them, for example, in the palm of a hand tattooed with henna, in the geometric perfection of an inlaid cedar box, or in the resounding chant of thousands of crickets raised by a blind gardener.
From here are reached a theatre/cinema in the former school gymnasium and a cafe (behind one sliding glass door) located in the base of the exposed cedar box.
Among Nathan's volumes of poetry are Youth Grows Old (1922); The Cedar Box (1929); The Winter Tide (1940); Dunkirk, A Ballad (1942); The Darkening Meadows (1945); The Green Leaf (1950); and Winter in April (1958).
Impressive perfumed, spice, round and perfect balance with cedar box, black currant and forest notes.
Cedar-steamed prawns and clams with onion mayonnaise SERVES 6 | 50 MINUTES, PLUS AT LEAST 6 HOURS TO SOAK CEDAR PLANK Our version, made in a roasting pan with a grilling plank or wood chips (but no cedar box or hot rocks), still imparts a woodsy flavor and aroma.
The new Smoked Salmon and Coffee gift pack comes in an attractive cedar box, and the smoked salmon is pouched in Alaska at the height of freshness from Alaska Smokehouse; this gift pack sells for $24.
Welt-structured, brooding mix of slate, cedar box, and herbs under juicy, vanilla-flavored berries.