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large genus of tropical American trees that yield a bast fiber used for cordage and bark used in tanning

North American silkworm moth

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Key Words: Cecropia, Hellas, Spiral shaped cloud of water ice crystals
Aerial parts of Cecropia pachystachya Trecul were collected in Viamao, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in March 2007 and a voucher specimen (ICN 150025) was deposited in the Herbarium of the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
For information on Cecropia Solutions or smart appliance applications, contact Mike Canzoneri via email, (512) 964-4626.
15: In the mild nights it is Giant Cecropia Moth Emerging Season; throughout the days it is Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar Season.
bonplandiana, Cecropia obtusifolia, Ficus, and Inga eriocarpa (Schnell et al.
Gluconeogenesis inhibition and phytochemical composition of two Cecropia species.
An Indian with limited foreign language skills invariably finds it challenging to communicate to a birder that "the toucan is in the tallest cecropia tree, 3 feet in at 2 o'clock" - especially when his client could be from any country in the world and likely doesn't know a cecropia from a kapok.
Some arboreal and shrub species of the genera Acacia, Chusquea, Clusia, Cecropia, Hedyiosmum, Heliconia, Podocarpus and Weinmannia, and herbaceous species of the genera Bomarea, Carex, Oreobolus; as well as lichens and many species of orchids and bromeliads are present in the area (Foster 1985, 1986).
In the jungles of French Guiana, Azteca andreae lives symbiotically with the trumpet tree, called Cecropia obtusa, which hosts colonies of the insects in its hollow stems.
The palmate-leaved trees of the genus Cecropia, one of the gap-filling specialists of Central and South America, harbor vicious ants in hollow internodes of the trunk.
Cecropia is a common genus of pioneer trees in Central America, and only 1 species (C.
Hypoglycemic effect of Cecropia obtusifolia on STZ diabetic rats.
As the participants prepare, he washes our hair with a lemon water rinse and burns dry cecropia leaves to relax us in the sweet-scented smoke.