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The company is the dominant supplier of technology, integrated circuits, components and tools for the development of CEBus compliant products.
CIC's charter is to establish and support the home network industry and is made up of more than 50 member companies in a variety of industries who offer products and services that comply with the CEBus standard.
a major developer and marketer of CEBus-based home automation control solutions, enthusiastically supports combining the standards activities of the CEBus Industry Council (CIC) with Microsoft Corp.
Taking an equity position in Intellon further demonstrates our commitment to establishing interoperability between CEBus and the SMART HOUSE products.
Hydro-Quebec, the electric utility company for the Province of Quebec and also a member of the consortium, could provide the CEBus devices Intellon's power line technology.
AT&T, for example, chose Intellon's CEBus radio frequency and power line technology to build a two-way, broadband network for the utility industry.
The company designs and develops technology, components, subsystem products, and development tools for CEBus and other intelligent-distributed, control applications.
Intellon's CEBus power line carrier technology provides a more affordable way to network the home by using a home's existing wiring to provide two-way communications that enable devices to "talk" to each other.
March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- CEBus stands for Consumer Electronics Bus, a newly released home automation standard designed by the Electronic Industries Association.
Intellon is one of the pioneers of the CEBus, the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) standard for home automation, and the communications technology adopted by the AT&T team for networking the home.