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Geoffroy y Ateles chamek Humboldt (Cebidae: Primates) en la Reserva Nacional Pacaya Samiria, Peru.
Encarnacioan, "Characteristics and use of sleeping sites in Aotus (Cebidae: Primates) in the Amazon lowlands of Peru," American Journal of Primatology, vol.
Sous-genre Trypanoxyurisparasite de primates Cebidae et Atelidae.
Articles cover the full range of manifestations of reproduction and aging in marmosets, tamarins, cebidae, rhesus macaques, Asian colobines, chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, and the collection concludes with a comparison of primate reproductive aging from lemurs to humans.
Especially as capuchin monkeys which belong to the family of Cebidae look, as their name implies, like little (Capuchin) friars.
4500 NSA 1 Raia-de-agua- doce CLASSE ACTINOPTERYGII Ordem Characiformes Familia Characidae NSA1, NSA2 Peixes Familia Siluridae NSA 1 Peixes CLASSE REPTILIA Ordem Testudines Familia Chelidae NSA2 Cagados CLASSE AVES NSA1, NSA2 Aves CLASSE MAMMALIA Ordem Primates Familia Cebidae Alouatta sp.
Species that are active during daytime and arboreal or arboreal/terrestrial species were found to be more frequently infected than others primates of the Cebidae family (howlers, sakis, and squirrel monkeys); two-toed sloths had the highest prevalence.
Two new species of night monkeys, genus Aotus (Cebidae, Platyrrhini): a preliminary report on Aotus taxonomy.