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conqueror of Gaul and master of Italy (100-44 BC)

United States comedian who pioneered comedy television shows (born 1922)

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Ceaser explains its appeal: "Liberty and constitutionalism in this account owed their origins to robust Nordic habits and practices, not to philosophical thought.
It's such a treat to see the quality and depth of work from PBS stations all across the country as well as the work of independent producers," said co-producer Jamie Ceaser.
Then, out of nowhere, I received an email from Ceaser Lake Outfitters' owner Terry Wilkinson, explaining he had a cancellation for a combination hunt this year.
Karen also leaves her husband, Ceaser Piedra of Marlboro; her sister, Julie A.
I play Ceaser from an infant through to a revolutionary character, via emotional and psychological changes, moments of self-awareness and enhanced intelligence," says Serkis.
Captain Ceaser Moore serves in the Houston, Texas, Police Department's Property and Supply Division.
2008; Landreneau & Ward-Smith, 2007; Mehrotra, Marsh, Vonesh, Peters, & Nissenson, 2005), feel pressure from professionals (Michaud & Loiselle, 2003), have misconceptions of the preferred role in the decision- making process (Orsino, Cameron, Seidl, Mendelssohn, & Stewart, 2003), feel a sense of inadequacy in making an informed decision (Tweed & Ceaser, 2005) and manifest persistent decisional conflict (Michaud & Loiselle, 2003; Tweed & Ceaser, 2005).
So, Mahoney goes on, prudent liberals such as Aron and the unusually astute American political scientist James Ceaser have always been stuck with dealing with liberalism's intractable sustainability issues.
He may not get very much more of his agendaC* but in a way, he's made his mark, and all he has to do is protect it," James Ceaser, a political professor at the University of Virginia, told reporters.
Mora - Bernice Perdomo and Ceaser Mora, of Eugene, a daughter.
Songs of Bai Flenzita, Lucy, Chris, Lourdin, Valanka, Chiqitita, Norita, Bab Pequino, Anthony, Ceaser, Lorvin, Menin, Santan, Claude, Benny, etc.
Serra 67, Alemany 53: Max Guercy had 19 points and Ceaser Soto added 11 points and five assists but it wasn't enough for Alemany in a first-round road loss.
Appearing before Newcastle Crown Court, Terence John O'Don-nell, 39, of Ceaser Way, Wallsend, was jailed for four years after admitting two charges of burglary.